Pretox Cure: 5 Tips To Detox Before The Holidays

If you have planned to lighten your plate between Christmas and New Year's Eve, you may be doing the new trendy cure without knowing it! The pretox cure consists of preparing your body for the excesses of the holidays. Here are 5 practical tips for those who want to try this new method.

1- Don't skip meals

If you think the best way to keep the weight off during the holiday season is to skip a few meals between Christmas and New Year's Day, think again!

An overly restrictive diet or periods of fasting between two hearty New Year's Eves would instead push your body to store and could result in a few extra pounds on the scale.

That's why the first golden rule for following a cure pretox is to eat a balanced diet but still eat at every meal.

In practice, you just need to anticipate your menus and shop so that you eat a balanced diet for 5 to 7 days before any further excesses.

2- Don't give in to the sirens of miracle foods

Contrary to what we sometimes hear when it comes to detox, there are no miracle foods that will magically make up for all the holiday excesses.

Specifically, there's no point in stuffing yourself with lemon juice or Cabbage soup in the hope that these self-proclaimed Detox drinks will help you detoxify your liver or lose weight.

Instead, if you're looking to get your digestive system back in shape for future feasts, consider foods you can limit, especially foods high in sugar or bad fats.

To do a pretox cure between the two Christmas and New Year's Eves, you can notably avoid or at least limit :
- alcoholic beverages
- sweets
- sweetened drinks
- fried food
- butter and cheese
- dishes with sauce
- cold cuts
- red meat

3- Rebalance your plate

In the days leading up to the holiday, be sure to follow official nutritional recommendations by composing perfectly balanced menus.

To do this, during your pretox cure plan for each meal:
- a portion of lean protein (such as poultry or fish) which should represent a quarter of your plate
- a portion of starchy foods (pasta or rice, if possible wholemeal or semi-complete) or legumes, which should make up a quarter of your plate
- raw or cooked vegetables of all colours, which should make up half your plate.

If you can't imagine a meal without dessert, choose light desserts such as fruit, compote with no added sugar or skimmed milk yoghurt (preferably plain and sweetened with honey, maple syrup or wholemeal sugar).

4- Remember to stay well hydrated

Another golden rule to help the body's detoxification work is simply to drink enough water or warm unsweetened drinks.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for green or black tea, rooibos or even a good alcohol-free toddy. The key is to avoid alcohol and excess caffeine.

Drink what you prefer (citrus-flavoured water, herbal or spice infusions or even vegetable broth) but drink a lot.

5- Get some fresh air and get moving

We don't always think about it, but our body's natural detoxification processes don't just go through our digestive system.

Our bodies also eliminate toxins through sweat and the air we release from our lungs.

The best way to stimulate these processes is to do sports, preferably outdoors.

In practice, all you have to do is put on your sneakers and go outside. There's no need to force yourself or try to break records 'to compensate', especially if you took a break from sport over the winter holidays.

Depending on your abilities, you can for example walk briskly for at least 1 hour, go for a run or go cycling...

The most important thing is to move, preferably in the open air and in nature. Physical activity by the sea or in the forest is even more beneficial.

In any case, it will allow you to evacuate the stress often associated with the holiday season and to sleep better.

To note: during your pretox cure, remember to go to bed as soon as you feel tired in order to enjoy good nights of sleep. It is essential to get enough sleep in order to regenerate your body and recover before new festivities.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: KavindaF
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