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Health: 10 tips to regain energy

energy back is to know how to rest at least on the weekends, even if it means leaving out some household chores like gardening or ironing. 2- I do sports If you're feeling burnt out, you may be tempted to stop exercising or at least skip a few workouts... But beware: this is a bad idea! In fac ...


Education: how to help a girl's self-confidence?

girl's self-confidence is to teach her to compete with others without fear of competition. One of the best ways to do this is to get her into team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer or even rugby! These team sports have the double advantage of de-dramatizing the notion of competitio ...


Holidays in France: 5 destinations to go to the mountains in summer

pace Killy (Tignes and Val-d'Isère)! But the Tarentaise is also a perfect destination to go to the mountains in summer and practice a wide choice of sports and fun activities: hiking, cycling or even climbing and via ferrata. In addition to these outdoor activities, this valley is known for i ...


The Upper Rhine Valley: a destination in the heart of Europe

he city of Basel! A big bath of nature The Upper Rhine Valley, with its landscapes nestled around the Rhine, is the ideal destination for outdoor sports and recreation enthusiasts. Indeed, the biggest asset of this destination lies in its wild landscapes consisting of deep forests, lakes, hig ...


Visit Santa's village

ght the well-behaved children who have come to meet Santa Claus, the very wild surroundings of Rovaniemi will offer their parents multiple outdoor and sports opportunities. In summer, the land of the Father Christmas also welcomes visitors who have come to contemplate the impressive and beautiful ...


Trotter: the bulldog star on Instagram

star, Trotter takes great pleasure in adopting the latest trends fashion. But she is not only interested in fashion. She is also passionate about sports and wears the colors of her country as a true patriot! A post shared by Trotter (@trotterpup) on 1 Jul. 2014 at 12:09pm PDT She is of ...


Thomas Pesquet's return: what is the earth sickness that astronauts suffer from?

European Space Agency, is located. Indeed, even if he has returned to Earth, Thomas Pesquet's mission is not over. He will have to continue doing sports to regain his initial muscle and bone mass. The French astronaut will follow for 3 weeks an intense fitness program in order to regain all h ...


The Saint Nicolas festivities in Nancy: a magical event

during the holidays). Various highlights will punctuate these 40 days of festivities: gastronomy, markets of artists and craftsmen, shows, festivals, sports events or solidarity with bands and artists from Lorraine of France or the rest of Europe. This new edition promises to have many surpri ...