1000th Of Seconds: The Festival Of Sports Photography In Saint-mathurin-sur-loire

The very first festival entirely dedicated to sports photography will be held this summer in the village of Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire near Angers. This festival, named 1000th of seconds, in reference to the sportsmen's stopwatch but also to the shutter time used by photographers, will highlight ten sports through more than 150 photos.

A new photo festival

They are two photographers from Anjou, Eddy Lemaistre and Josselin Clair, who had the idea to create the 1000th of seconds festival in the village of Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire.

Indeed, until now, there was no festival exclusively dedicated to this particular branch of photojournalism that is sports photography.

Through its name, which refers to the times achieved in different sports and the speeds used by photographers to freeze the movement, the festival pays a double tribute to high-level athletes and photographers specializing in sports.

Copyright: Pauline Ballet / ASO

This little-known branch of photojournalism highlights well-known and lesser-known sports through images captured during major national and international sporting events.

This first edition, which will be held throughout the summer of 2022, also aims to make visitors (re)discover sports photography as an artistic profession.

Photographers of international renown

The first edition of the 1000th of seconds festival will highlight the work of internationally renowned sports photographers.

The 10 professional photographers exhibited during this first edition cover major sporting events around the world, such as Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Tour de france or the Vendée Globe!

Even if their work aims to illustrate these events in the service of the press, it is also part of an artistic approach, as evidenced by their spectacular, unpublished or aesthetic images.

Copyright: Eddy Lemaistre / 2PIX-EL

A festival outside the walls in a bucolic setting

The 1000th of Seconds Festival is also an outdoor event organized in a natural setting on the banks of the Loire River: the village of Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire located halfway between Angers and Saumur.

This postcard village was the ideal setting for this off-site exhibition because it is a popular tourist site in the department. Easily accessible by road and train, it is also a stopover on the cycling routes La Loire à Vélo and La Vélo Francette.

This first edition hopes to attract in number the inhabitants of the department and the region, but also the tourists during the summer period.

And this is just the beginning because Eddy Lemaistre and Josselin Clair are already imagining a program in resonance with major sporting events in the years to come, including:
- a 2023 edition around rugby in this particular year when France will host the Rugby World Cup
- a 2024 edition around the Olympic Games on the occasion of the Paris 2024 Summer Games!

Copyright: Stéphane Kempinaire / KMSP

2022 Edition

The first edition of the 1000th of Seconds Festival is held from June 4 to September 25, 2022 in Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire.

You can discover the work of 10 international photographers:
- Antonin Vincent
- Pauline Ballet
- Francis Bompard
- Stéphane Kempinaire
- Loïc Venance
- Solène Bailly
- Lionel Hahn
- Jean-Philippe Ksiazek
- Pierre Lahalle
- Eddy Lemaistre

In total, more than 150 photographs will be exhibited outside and in free access.

These pictures will be presented in different formats, including 45 m2 tarpaulins, which will be deployed on the Bridge connecting the commune of Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire to Saint-Remy-la-Varenne. Spectacular!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Loïc Venance / AFP
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More informations: https://www.1000emedesecondes.com/
In French: 1000ème de secondes : le festival de la photographie sportive à Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire
En español: Milésima de segundo: el festival de fotografía deportiva de Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire
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