Bridge: The French Bridge Federation Makes Its Digital Revolution

Think bridge is an old-fashioned game? Think again! Not only does the game continue to gain new fans, but the French Bridge Federation is making its digital revolution by offering content on Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. Here's a quick roundup of what the FFB has to offer in the digital age.

A digital revolution started in March 2020

The Fédération Française de Bridge or FFB, which is present throughout France, is responsible for promoting and developing the practice of bridge.

But did you know that this 1901 law association, approved as a national association of Youth and Popular Education, is the first bridge federation at the European level and the second largest worldwide federation after the United States?

It was during the first health crisis-related lockdown in March 2020 that the FFB began its digital revolution. It was then faced with the closure of clubs, due to the evolution of the pandemic, and had to adapt and accelerate its entry into the digital age.

The online game, which initially developed to provide interim support during periods of lockdown or closure, is now combined with face-to-face bridge practice.

The virtual game is now very present on social networks. Enthusiasts can also find multiple contents (videos, tutorials, photos...) there, as shown by the following three new features.

Competitions broadcast on Twitch

If you don't know Twitch yet, you should know that this online video service created in 2011 beats all records. The French Bridge Federation has therefore logically decided to be present on this trendy platform.

On Sunday, January 30 and Monday, January 31, 2022, the FFB broadcast the matches of the final phase of the National Selection on the Twitch TV FFBridge channel.

As with sports broadcasts on TV, two commentators broke down the deals and analyzed the games.

Interviews were also broadcast to collect the reactions of the champions and make you live the games as if you were there!

A mini-series on YouTube

If you're passionate about bridge and want a behind-the-scenes look at an international competition, don't miss the exclusive In the Mind of a Champion series!

This mini-series available on YouTube invites you to dive into the heart of a major international competition, behind the scenes of the French team.

The series, which consists of three 30-minute episodes, follows Thomas Bessis, France's number one bridge player during the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

Each episode takes you inside the head of this champion to share his doubts, his reasoning, his disappointments and his emotions under live conditions.

All the matches broadcasted reproduce in full the games of Thomas and his teammates.

A brand new Instagram account

In order to continue and accelerate its digital revolution, the French Bridge Federation is now on Instagram!

Since the beginning of 2022, the FFB has opened its Instagram account to share even more content with its members.

Bridge fans and all curious internet users who would like to know a little more about this game will find stories, photos and videos.

So, if you don't want to miss any news from the Federation, follow the @ff_bridge account (see link below)!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Fédération Française de Bridge
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