Solitaire card game gralon, try to finish it in a minimum of time by putting the cards in order (reversing the colors each time, ...).Free solitaire game.

Spider Solitaire

A classic spider solitaire, choose the number of colors, and try to collect all the suites.

Golden Spider Solitaire

A classic spider solitaire, collect all the sequels to finish the game. Played with the mouse.

Canon Bubble

The goal of this game is to knock down the bubbles with your gun by aiming at the balls of the same color as the one in your gun. You can play with the mouse.


Free online mahjong game, come and test your reflexion and your logic with this mahjong


You are a British sniper parachuting behind German lines before the Allied Forces landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Start by eliminating the enemy snipers before they spot you and shoot you. Use the mouse to aim and the left button to shoot. The Space key is used to switch between a general view and a sniper scope view. The M key is used to see where you are in your mission.

Mah-jong Academy

A classic mahjongg game, assemble the symbols in pairs to make them disappear and discover the stacks.

The cursed jewels

Cursed Jewels is a puzzle game where you have to make a maximum of golden squares in the given time. To do this, you must create groups of 3 symbols of the same sign so that they disappear.


The mythical game of solitaire! Pass the marbles on top of each other to make them disappear. Played with the mouse.


An interactive yams. You have three rolls of dice, and you can reserve the ones whose results suit you. Fill the grid with the best scores you get.

Virtual keyboard

Choose the instrument of your choice and create your own music, piano, violin, organs, percussion, everything is possible!

Minor blocks

Blocks appear as the level progresses, you must destroy as many as possible before the end. Groups of two or more blocks can explode.


Free online Tetris game, come and test your speed and logic with this tetris with progressive difficulty. left and right arrows to move. W and X keys to rotate (or Z and X)

Brick breaker

Free online brick-breaking game, come and test your dexterity with the different difficulty levels


The great classic: tic-tac-toe, play against a computer, and see if you can outsmart it.

Hair salon

Play hairdresser with this mini hair salon simulation. Have fun giving this little girl a nice haircut. Everything is played with the mouse.