Free Online Yams : Yams Game

An interactive yams. You have three rolls of dice, and you can reserve the ones whose results suit you. Fill the grid with the best scores you get.

If you want to play the game Free Online Yams : Yams Game in full screen :
On computer: right click then "enter fullscreen".
On phone : long press on the game screen then press "enter fullscreen".
To exit, same protocol.
Good game

Discover the online game of Yams, an engaging interactive version that allows you to test your strategy and luck. With three dice rolls at your disposal, you can choose the ones that suit you best to fill the grid with the highest possible scores. Easily played using the mouse, this game offers you an entertaining and stimulating experience.

Yams, also known as Yahtzee, is a classic dice game that will challenge your skills in combinations and calculations. By trying to achieve favorable results, you can form sequences such as full houses, four of a kind, or even the famous Yams. Each game is unique and provides you with the opportunity to compete with friends or beat your own records.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, this online Yams game is accessible to everyone, whether you are a casual player or a board game enthusiast. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day or take on a challenging task, Yams is the ideal choice for a pleasant and entertaining time.

In addition to its fun aspects, online Yams also offers educational benefits by stimulating your thinking, logic, and ability to make quick decisions. By planning your moves and anticipating dice outcomes, you will develop your cognitive skills while having fun.

With attractive graphics and a friendly interface, the online Yams game immerses you in a captivating atmosphere and allows you to escape from everyday life for a game. Whether you are a novice or an experienced player, you will find in Yams a captivating and addictive game that will entertain you for hours.

So, don't wait any longer and embark on the adventure of online Yams. Test your luck, sharpen your strategy, and challenge your friends to become the undisputed master of Yams. Get ready to experience intense and thrilling moments by exploring all the possibilities offered by this iconic dice game. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Yams and let yourself be carried away by the passion of the game!

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