Free Online Swap Blocks : Swap Blocks Game

Drag the blocks to create lines of three similar symbols to destroy them. The goal is to destroy an image on each tile of the screen.

If you want to play the game Free Online Swap Blocks : Swap Blocks Game in full screen :
On computer: right click then "enter fullscreen".
On phone : long press on the game screen then press "enter fullscreen".
To exit, same protocol.
Good game

"Swap Blocs" is a captivating online game that will put your thinking skills to the test. The objective is simple: slide the blocks to form lines of three identical symbols and make them disappear. Every time you successfully destroy an image on the tiles of the screen, you progress in the game.

This classic game, playable with the mouse, offers an entertaining and challenging experience. With its colorful graphics and attractive icons, "Swap Blocs" immerses you in a playful universe where thinking is key. By combining strategy and speed, you can increase your score and beat your own record time.

Puzzle game enthusiasts will find joy in this original puzzle game. By cleverly aligning the blocks, you can progress through levels and face new challenges. Each game is an opportunity to test your cognitive abilities while having fun.

Whether you are a casual player or an online gaming enthusiast, "Swap Blocs" will captivate you with its user-friendly simplicity and increasing complexity. Test your mental agility and observation skills by playing this addictive game that promises hours of entertainment.

In summary, "Swap Blocs" is an exciting puzzle game that combines thinking, speed, and fun. Show your strategy to destroy the images on each tile of the screen and improve your score with each game. Ready for the challenge? Dive into the captivating universe of "Swap Blocs" and let yourself be carried away by this thrilling online game.

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