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The little train of Artouste: embark on a dizzying journey in the Pyrenees

The highest tourist train in Europe Contrary to what one might think, the highest tourist train in Europe is not in the Alps but in the Pyrenees! It criss-crosses the mountains in the Bearn region, in the heart of the Ossau Valley, not far from the Spanish border. This tourist train called pe ...


Machu Picchu: the famous Inca citadel

ew seven wonders of the world after a contest in which 100 million Internet users participated. In practice Most travelers access Machu Picchu on a train through the Urubamba Valley. It can also be accessed by a hiking trail called The Inca Trail. This path is subject to strict control and can ...


Christ the Redeemer: the symbol of Rio de Janeiro

esence of President Getulio Vargas. A must-see tourist attraction How can you imagine Rio without the Christ of Corcovado? This place accessible by train is the most visited tourist site in the city. The statue of Christ the Redeemer, classified as a historical monument since 1973, was even cho ...


An algorithm to predict the spread of disease

5 languages, as well as airline data and animal disease outbreak reports. "What we've done is use natural language processing and machine learning to train this engine to recognize whether it's an anthrax outbreak in Mongolia versus a meeting of the heavy metal band Anthrax," Kahn says. Once the ...


The Upper Rhine Valley: a destination in the heart of Europe

, you can visit Basel, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Baden-Baden, as well as Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. Thanks to the proximity of major airports and train stations, it is easy to get to this valley and even visit all three countries in a very short time, the time of a European road trip or in a sin ...


Rollerblading: the great return of roller skates

videos have been viewed several million times. A new discipline in the gym Surfing on the roller quad trend, some gyms offer their subscribers to train with roller skates on their feet. The discipline, which is practiced in music and in a good mood is called roller dance. And the classes a ...