Travel Insurance: A Guarantee Of Peace Of Mind For Your Vacation

If you're planning your next vacation, you've probably thought about booking the plane or train to your destination, as well as accommodation for your stay there. But have you thought about taking out travel insurance? We explain to you why this insurance is an essential precaution to leave on vacation with peace of mind.

Insurance that covers many hazards

While we consider it normal to insure our vehicle and our home, we don't always think about insuring ourselves when we go on a trip. And yet, a trip in France or abroad is a project that exposes you to many hazards, hence the interest in taking out travel insurance.

Traveling by train or plane carries risks of loss, theft or damage to your luggage. When faced with this type of unforeseen event, being insured allows you to avoid having your vacation ruined before it even begins.

Moreover, even if you have been dreaming of this vacation abroad for months, you should not hide the fact that an accident can happen quickly. That's why, during your stay, it's best that you are covered by foreign liability coverage.

Just like the civil liability coverage you probably have in France, this insurance covers the damage you or your family members could cause to others, for example if you hurt someone or break something in a store.

Finally, travel insurance also covers you if you encounter a health glitch while abroad. Most of these insurances include coverage for medical expenses and repatriation assistance, which is invaluable in case of an accident. With these benefits, you will not have to pay anything and will avoid a lot of stress and difficulties if you need to receive care on site.

Insurance that reimburses you in case of cancellation

Another good reason to purchase travel insurance is the possibility of being reimbursed if the trip were to be cancelled.

Organizing a vacation in France or abroad is a relatively expensive project, especially in the current inflationary context. It would therefore be a real shame to lose your money if you have to give up this project in which you have invested part of your savings.

If you choose an insurance policy that includes reimbursement of cancellation fees, you will be much more serene until the date of departure. You will indeed have the certainty of being reimbursed in part or in full if an accident, illness or the death of a loved one forces you to cancel your vacation.

Insurance that fits your needs

As you will have understood, there are many good reasons to take out travel insurance when preparing your future vacation in France or abroad. But, in order to travel with peace of mind, you still need to find the contract that best suits your needs.

A specialist in travel insurance and assistance for over 50 years, Europ Assistance France offers tailored insurance contracts depending on your destination, your traveler profile and the length of your stay in France.

In a health context that is still uncertain, Europ Assistance contracts include a Covid-19 Guarantee that protects you in the event of infection by the coronavirus. This guarantee covers all the personal risks associated with the disease: cancellation of your trip due to a positive PCR test, coverage of medical expenses abroad, early return and medical repatriation for serious forms of Covid.

In addition, if you plan to travel several times during the year, you can purchase a contract from Europ Assistance France that covers all of your trips and vacations for one year.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Gustavo Fring on Pexels
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In French: L'assurance voyage : un gage de sérénité pour vos vacances
En español: Seguro de viaje: garantía de tranquilidad para sus vacaciones
In italiano: Assicurazione di viaggio: una garanzia di tranquillità per le vostre vacanze
Auf Deutsch: Die Reiseversicherung: ein Garant für einen sorgenfreien Urlaub
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