Visit Corsica Differently Thanks To The Little Corsican Train

We generally discover the Island of Beauty by arriving there by boat or by plane and then we explore this territory by car, by motorcycle or on foot on the famous GR20. But did you know that it is possible to visit Corsica in a different way thanks to the little Corsican train? We suggest you to discover U Trinighellu, a railway line with a strong tourist potential.

A train nicknamed tremblotin

The train is not the means of transportation you think of first when you want to visit Corsica!

And yet, there is on the island of beauty a small train that tourists love and that Corsicans affectionately nickname U Trinichellu or Trinighellu, i.e. the tremblotin.

From Bastia to Ajaccio and from Ponte-Leccia to Calvi, this railway line sometimes crisscrosses the coastline and sometimes the Corsican mountains to the delight of passengers.

A line more than a century old

The Trinighellu celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 1, 1988. This railroad line is full of history since it took 16 years of work to build it crossing mountains and rivers. One of its bridges is even the work of Gustave Eiffel.

It is also important to know that there is only one railway in Corsica and that trains can only cross each other at stations. This particularity requires a fine calculation of the timetable and sometimes requires a little patience from the travelers.

But these inconveniences are largely compensated by the very beautiful view that one has from the train on the reliefs, the nature and the coastline of the island of beauty.

A picturesque journey

This little train, which is more than a hundred years old, is a good way to visit the Isle of Beauty since it crosses it from north to south.

The railway line in the shape of a Y connects Bastia to Ajaccio and a branch line connects Ponte-Leccia to Calvi via Ile Rousse and the beaches of the Balagne.

Today, this small Corsican train is all the more appreciated by tourists as it has been renovated. It is now air-conditioned and much more comfortable.

Spectacular sections

The little Corsican train is a good way to get a glimpse of the diversity of landscapes of the island. Some stretches are more spectacular than others and really deserve to go there by train.

This is especially the case for the section located between Corte and Vizzavona as it takes you to the heart of Corsica and its mountains. From the station in Corte it is possible to visit the Restonica valley and go hiking or biking.

After the station of Venaco, the train passes over the Eiffel bridge of Veccio, more than 170 m long for 84 m high. The view is dizzying but offers a magnificent panorama on the valley.

Once arrived at the station of Vizzavona, you are on the central point of the famous GR20: you can then continue your discovery of Corsica on this long distance hiking trail or, more modestly, make a stroll to the Cascade des Anglais!

If you prefer the sea to the mountains, it is the section located between Île Rousse and Calvi that you should take. On this portion of the line, the Trinighellu runs along the sea and the beaches and offers to your dazzled eyes breathtaking landscapes.

This small train which does not run very fast allows you to take nice pictures. It also acts as a shuttle and stops at the different beaches of the Balagne: you can choose your favorite spot for a swim between the rocky creeks, the sandy beaches and the wild corners of the coast!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pierre Bona
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