Clohars-carnoët: First Breton Town To Obtain The European City Of Sport Label

The town of Clohars-Carnoët, located in the department of Finistère in Brittany, has been labeled European City of Sport 2022, in the category of cities with less than 25,000 inhabitants. We suggest you to discover this town where sport is king.

A small town that lives sports in a big way

With 4333 inhabitants at the year, Clohars-Carnoët is a small Breton town in South Finistère. But it has a particularity: sports practice occupies a place of choice there, thanks to a rich local associative fabric and to many facilities dedicated to the practice of various sports.

For these reasons, it is the first commune in Brittany to have been awarded the European Sports City label!

Moreover, it is not only the first Breton city to receive this award, but also the smallest city in France and Europe to be crowned with this label.

A town rich in associations and sports facilities

Even if Clohars-Carnoët is a town of less than 5000 inhabitants, sports facilities are numerous.

Indeed, the town has a sports complex, a nautical base, a surfing base, 2 gymnasiums and 3 dance halls, 25 sports associations and 2000 members, 50% of whom are women.

In the commune, 45% of the population is a member of a sports association, not counting school associations.

This commune on the Breton coast also has a setting that is conducive to outdoor sports as it is home to 660 hectares of woods, 100 km of trails and three Blue Flag labeled beaches!

Recognition at the European level

Already a winner of the Active and Sporting City label since August 2021, the city of Clohars-Carnoët can look forward to earning the European City of Sport label in December 2021.

As a reminder, this label is awarded by the association ACES Europe (Association of European Sports Capitals) according to several criteria:
- access to sport for all
- the development of the pleasure of practicing
- improvement of public health
- inclusion policy and disabled sport
- fair play.

The jury considered that the commune of Clohars Carnoët was exemplary at all levels.

The small Breton town will participate in the official award ceremony in Turin in early 2022.

It now has, thanks to this label, a showcase and a network offering it greater credibility with various institutions and partners.

This coastal municipality thus enters the largest sports network in Europe and can now develop cross-border sports projects with our European neighbors.

It also joins the club of French cities labeled European Sport Cities, which includes larger municipalities such as Miramas, Port-de-Bouc, Pau, Chalon-sur-Saône, Bordeaux, Nice and Biarritz.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Lorient Bretagne Sud Tourisme
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