Turin: 3 Good Reasons To Choose This Destination

Whether you prefer city breaks or mountain vacations, you are bound to find something to suit you in the Turin region of Italy. In France, this Italian city is mostly known as an industrial city, but it also has many other assets for visitors. This destination combines a magnificent cultural heritage in the city center and a spot at the foot of the Alps for ski enthusiasts. We have listed for you 3 good reasons to go to Turin.

1- To discover a great cultural heritage

Turin is first of all a destination with a magnificent cultural heritage. It stands out from other Italian cities because modernity rubs shoulders with a majestic historical heritage.

Take time to enjoy breakfast at a historic downtown café like the Caffè Mulassano before heading out to explore Turin's magnificent monuments.

The Piazza San Carlo, which is the city's main square, is the perfect starting point for a tour of the historic center. The southern part of this square is dominated by two churches: San Carlo Borromeo and Santa Cristina with its huge bell tower.

From Piazza San Carlo, take the Via Roma a 700 meter long pedestrian street to reach the Palazzo Reale. With its many stores, Via Roma will delight any shopaholic.

The capital of Piedmont is home to several royal residences and palaces, but the most notable of them is undoubtedly the Palazzo Reale!

This unique palace incorporates the codes of different architectural styles. The historic residence of the Duke of Savoy, this grandiose palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its lavish apartments, royal library and gardens, which are free to visit.

2- To admire contemporary art in all its forms

You may not know it, but Turin is also the ideal destination for contemporary art lovers.

With its wealth of museums, foundations and galleries in various artistic fields ranging from sculpture to photography, this Italian city celebrates contemporary art in all its forms.

Two places in particular are absolutely worth visiting: the Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea and the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo.

The Castello di Rivoli Museo is one of the most famous contemporary art museums in Italy. It is a beautiful castle that houses an amazing art collection.

The contemporary works are displayed in the castle's halls, creating a stunning contrast between the modernity of the collection and the pomp of the royal decor.

As for the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, it is a non-profit institution that supports contemporary art and in particular the production of young artists. It hosts exhibitions as well as experimental and intercultural projects.

After these visits, you will find comfort in the excellent restaurants located in the city center or on the banks of the Po. Foodies will be pleased as Piedmont is a region renowned for its white truffles and for the quality of its wines.

3- To ski in the Alps

The third good reason to choose Turin as a winter destination is its proximity to the winter sports resorts of the Alps.

The province of Turin has no less than 15 ski areas and a total of over 600 km of slopes.

To fill up on fresh air and hurtle down the slopes in beautiful postcard landscapes, you can choose between the resort of Montgenèvre or those in Piedmont such as Via Lattea.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced skier, you are sure to find a ski resort to your liking in the vicinity of the city.

Author: Audrey
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