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Franche-Comté: 5 good reasons to visit Montbéliard in winter

Princes, has preserved an identity shaped by Protestant culture and a rich architectural heritage. In particular, you can admire the castle of the Dukes of Wurtemberg, whose construction dates back to the 13th century. Today, this castle houses a historical tour and a museum with natural history ...


How to repot and maintain a mimosa?

ts appearance on the slopes of the Croix des Gardes, in Cannes. This species was probably introduced by one of the winter guests of the city like the Duke of Vallombrosa, the Marquis de Morès or Lord Brougham. The Horticulture and Acclimatization Society then contributed largely to its promotion ...


The Old Nice and its history

till bear their medieval names. In 1388, Nice came under the authority of the Count of Savoy Amédée VII. Developments in Old Nice In the 16th century, Duke Emmanuel Philibert decided to reinforce the citadel and the upper town was definitively abandoned by the civilian population. In 1576, the ...


The commedia dell'arte: origins and characters

amuccia) is boastful, boastful and fearful. Dressed all in black, in the Spanish fashion, he carries a long rapier and presents himself as a prince or duke, even though he is a knave. - Colombina (Colombina) is a humble servant or bold maid with a quick wit. She is by turns the daughter, wife or mi ...


Turin: 3 good reasons to choose this destination

of them is undoubtedly the Palazzo Reale! This unique palace incorporates the codes of different architectural styles. The historic residence of the Duke of Savoy, this grandiose palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its lavish apartments, royal library and gardens, which are free to visit. ...


Tourism: 5 royal visits to London.

Heritage Site abbey. As a major site of the British monarchy, this church has hosted 16 royal weddings, including that of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, and more recently the wedding of Prince William and Kate. It is also the burial place of some of the kings and queens of England. 3 ...


The Belem: 5 unusual facts about the famous sailboat.

Meunier chocolate factory. It then became a British pleasure yacht. In 1914, it was bought from France to be transformed into a luxury yacht for the Duke of Westminster. From 1951, it served as an Italian training ship on San Giorgio Maggiore Island, before being purchased by the Caisse d'Epargne ...