Franche-comté: 5 Good Reasons To Visit Montbéliard In Winter

Montbéliard, a city nestled in the east of France, is one of the most beautiful destinations to spend the Christmas holidays in the purest tradition. The city known as the City of Princes is worth a visit for its Christmas market but also for its architectural heritage, its Advent traditions and its culinary specialities.

1- To visit the City of Princes

Today classified as a Town and Country of Art and History, Montbéliard was for four centuries a German principality.

The city, nicknamed the City of Princes, has preserved an identity shaped by Protestant culture and a rich architectural heritage.

In particular, you can admire the castle of the Dukes of Wurtemberg, whose construction dates back to the 13th century. Today, this castle houses a historical tour and a museum with natural history collections, among others.

In this Protestant land, you can also discover the Saint-Martin Temple dating from the early 17th century. It is the oldest French building dedicated to the worship of the Reformation. Symbol of the triumphant Lutheranism wanted by the Duke of Wurtemberg, this building is traditionally illuminated for the holidays.

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Another remarkable religious building, the Saint-Maimbœuf church dating from 1850 has a neo-Renaissance style façade decoration. It reflects the return of Catholicism in this Protestant land in the 19th century.

A tourist trail named 'Heinrich Schickhardt and his time' has been laid out in the heart of Montbéliard to introduce visitors to the achievements of the famous architect of the Duke of Württemberg.

2- To taste the regional culinary specialties

Another good reason to visit Montbéliard in winter and discover Franc-Comtois gastronomy and regional products.

Local specialties are mainly composed of cheeses and charcuterie, such as comté and morbier, smoked cured ham and Montbéliard sausage.

The winter season is of course the best time of the year to enjoy morbiflette, raclette comtoise, Jura fondue with comté and morels, hot Mont d'Or (pictured below), tartines comtoises or choucroute comtoise.

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It is also in this region that you can taste the last traditional Burgundy snails.

3- To discover the local crafts

Another good reason to visit Montbéliard and its region in winter is to bring back from your trip original Christmas gifts.

Among the town's craft specialties, we should particularly mention la verquelure, a woven fabric characteristic of the Montbéliard region.

This fabric, whose manufacture dates back to the Middle Ages, was once used to cover pillows, bolsters and quilts or to make tablecloths and towels.

Today, this know-how has been rediscovered and the Tourist Office wishes to give back to the verquelure its letters of nobility.

You will therefore find many objects such as tablecloths, napkins, pie bags, cushions, aprons and placemats in this traditional checked fabric of two or three colours (usually white, blue and madder red).

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4- To visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in France

Situated at the gateway to Alsace and Germany, Montbéliard perpetuates Christmas traditions and in particular the Germanic tradition of the Christmas market.

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Its market named Les Lumières de Noël is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in France, along with those in Strasbourg and Colmar.

This market, whose small stalls are decorated and illuminated in the spirit of Christmas, stretches between Rue Georges Cuvier (which is the main shopping street of the city) and Place Saint-Martin, around the City Hall, the Saint-Martin temple and the Beurnier-Rossel hotel.

5- To enjoy the magic of the end of year celebrations

In Montbéliard, the Advent period is particularly magical, and not only because of the famous Christmas Lights Market!

The illuminations, the Christmas carols and the street animations also contribute to the magic of the holidays in the city.

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Every year at this time, the castle of the Dukes of Wurtemberg is illuminated in Christmas colours.

The City of Princes also perpetuates its own traditions involving Saint Nicholas and the bogeyman but also Aunt Arie, who is the good fairy and Mother Christmas of the Principality of Montbéliard.

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