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Buying a hotel to convert: 10 questions to help you understand

Do I need a degree to buy a hotel? No degree is required to practice this profession. Nevertheless you will have to follow mandatory trainings on food hygiene or if your hotel has a license to sell alcohol. What profile is recommended to be a hotelier? Operating an independent hotel requires f ...


The Mont Saint Michel : a jewel between sky and sea

Unicorn, house of the Copper Pot, house of the Sow that File, dwelling of Saint-Aubert, dwelling of Tiphaine Raguenel, dwelling of Saint-Symphorien, hotel of the Dauphin, hotel of the Mouton-Blanc, hotel of the Mother Poulard and hotel Saint-Pierre. We invite visitors curious to discover this must ...


The Victoria Palazzo in Nice: a luxury senior residence

e is air conditioning in all apartments, a bistronomic restaurant with an on-site chef, a private swimming pool and a majestic lobby reminiscent of a grand hotel: Copyright: Victoria Palazzo Nice The apartments meet the latest standards and are fully furnished and air-conditioned. They eac ...


Naoshima: an island museum in Japan

company president Soichiro Fukutake, with the complicity of the famous architect Tadao Ando. The architect notably designed, from 1989 to 1992, a hotel complex coupled with a museum: the Benesse House. This luxury hotel complex offers about forty hotel rooms, provided you pay between €225 and ...


Franche-Comté: 5 good reasons to visit Montbéliard in winter

ween Rue Georges Cuvier (which is the main shopping street of the city) and Place Saint-Martin, around the City Hall, the Saint-Martin temple and the Beurnier-Rossel hotel. 5- To enjoy the magic of the end of year celebrations In Montbéliard, the Advent period is particularly magical, and not o ...


Singapore : 5 Places to Discover the City-State differently

Climb to Puaka Hill viewpoint Located on Pulau Ubin Island, 10 minutes away by boat, this magnificent view will offer you one of the most beautiful views of the surroundings, the city of Singapore and the jungle. Ideal for a day trip, take the boat without a schedule, it leaves when it is full... b ...


Love Songs: enter the intimacy of photographers at the MEP

d by MEP ( To immerse visitors in the intimacy of the young couple, the exhibition goes so far as to recreate the wallpaper of the Parisian hotel where the photographer and his wife celebrated their honeymoon. An intimate approach to the subject Despite its title, the Love Song ...


Travelling Solo: our recommendations for safe travel

e an itinerary beforehand stating the places you will be if not every day at least once a week, give addresses and phone numbers such as those of the hotels you will be staying at, the tourist places you plan to do and give all this information and your route to a person you will designate as a trus ...