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The Gardens of Awakening: an educational park in Brittany.

An educational park in Finistère. The Gardens of Awakening were founded by Didier Nicolas and welcomed their first visitors in April 2023. This educational park is located in Créac'h Coadic, a place called in the municipality of Saint-Thonan in Finistère. It caters to both families and schools, ...


Clohars-Carnoët: first Breton town to obtain the European City of Sport label

A small town that lives sports in a big way With 4333 inhabitants at the year, Clohars-Carnoët is a small Breton town in South Finistère. But it has a particularity: sports practice occupies a place of choice there, thanks to a rich local associative fabric and to many facilities dedicated to the ...


Locronan in Brittany: 5 things to do on site

1- Visit the church of Saint-Ronan Locronan owes its name to Saint-Ronan, the hermit who founded the town in the 10th century. Today, the commune's church is dedicated to this saint. The church of Saint-Ronan was built in the 15th century by the Dukes of Brittany. This majestic granite building ...


Sleeping in a lighthouse: an unusual accommodation that is on the rise

Lighthouses for rent If you dreamed, as a child, of living like Robinson on an island or of working as a lighthouse keeper overlooking the sea from a height of several dozen meters, you will love the new unusual accommodations that are currently in vogue. Just about everywhere in France and Euro ...


Trip to England: 10 places to visit in Cornwall

1- Tintagel Castle The county of Cornwall is a destination that is still too unknown to French tourists. And yet, this region, which is not unlike Brittany, might just make you want to make a application for a visa to England! The attractions to discover here are many and varied, but Arthurian l ...


The series Vortex on France 2 in 5 questions

1- What is the story? Vortex is a 6-episode anticipation series that was created from an original idea by Franck Thilliez. The science fiction tinged story takes place in the near future. The hero Ludovic, played by Tomer Sisley, is a police captain in Brest. Using virtual reality during an inve ...


L'île prisonnière : 5 good reasons to watch the France 2 series

1- This series is signed Michel Bussi The series L'île prisonnière to be discovered starting tonight on France 2 is worth a look because it offers a good story. And for good reason: it is the very first series written for television by Michel Bussi! Of course, you have already seen the adaptat ...