L'île Prisonnière : 5 Good Reasons To Watch The France 2 Series

From Monday, February 13, France 2 is broadcasting a new series called The Prisoner Island, an ecological thriller co-written by Michel Bussi. We have listed for you 5 good reasons to watch this new fiction.

1- This series is signed Michel Bussi

The series L'île prisonnière to be discovered starting tonight on France 2 is worth a look because it offers a good story. And for good reason: it is the very first series written for television by Michel Bussi!

Of course, you have already seen the adaptations of three of his novels for the small screen, Maman a tort on France 2, Un avion sans elle on M6 and Le temps est assassin on TF1, but the Norman author with 721,000 books sold in 2021 alone had not participated in these adaptations...

This time, Michel Bussi has embarked on writing his first original series and the story he has imagined is surprising, to say the least. It revolves around a theme never before seen on television: radical ecological activism.

2- The scenario is original

The Prison Island series begins with a hostage situation. A score of armed activists land on Penhic, a small, quiet, isolated island off the coast of Brittany and arrest the inhabitants. The hostages are confined to the village school and everyone questions the motivations of the hostage-takers.

Alpha, the leader of the commando, has planned everything, except the shuttle that links the continent to Penhic every day. This boat escapes them and allows five passengers to hide on the island after having reached it by swimming.

About this project, Michel Bussi said: 'There was no question of making a story that I could have written in a novel. The author of about twenty crime novels explained that he wanted to do 'something radically different', which probably explains why the series tells a hostage situation and offers a very different plot from the classic crime series.

3- The actors are convincing

To carry this well-crafted ecological thriller, the production called on faces well known to viewers. The cast is convincing, starting with Lannick Gautry as Alpha, the leader of the hostage takers.

Faced with this commando, the inhabitants of this small island that lives to the rhythm of the sea form a tight-knit community, at least in appearance. The author explained that his idea was 'to really reconstitute a whole microcosm and make it explode', under the pressure of an unexpected event, with stakes much higher than those of the daily.

The series L'île prisonnière thus benefits from a whole gallery of characters, including the mayor played by Antoine Duléry, the island doctor, Candice the shepherdess, Yannick the fisherman, Mado the rebel (played by Anouk Grinberg) and Chris (Deborah François) who raises a deaf and dumb child ...

4- The landscapes are beautiful

Although The Prisoner's Island series relies primarily on the mystery surrounding the intentions of the hostage takers, it also has a major strength its beautiful setting.

Although Penhic is an imaginary island, the series was really shot in Brittany on the port of Doëlan.

This place in the commune of Clohars-Carnoët in Finistère is a small maritime jewel. So the series offers absolutely wonderful images of the Breton coastline and landscapes.

5- The suspense is well maintained

Michel Bussi being one of the masters of the genre, viewers can expect a particularly gripping thriller, with a well-crafted script.

From the very first minutes, many questions arise about the identity of the hostage takers, their motivations and their intentions. Although they claim to be pacifists, they do not hesitate to kill the commander of the speedboat and to shoot an old man...

Then begins an agonizing huis-clos between the hostage-takers and the sequestered inhabitants. Throughout the six episodes of this new fiction, the suspense is well maintained and the tension does not fall.

Fans of Michel Bussi and other fans of thrillers will be delighted. Despite some length, this mystery thriller on a small Breton island will keep them on the edge of their seats every Monday night at 9:10 pm on France 2.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Jean-Claude Lother
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