Kerlouan: A Taste Of Seychelles In Brittany

With their fine sand and crystal-clear waters, the beaches of Kerlouan transport visitors to the other side of the world. Their beauty and colors evoke more the Caribbean than Brittany. We invite you to discover this small municipality in Finistère that truly deserves its nickname of Breton Seychelles!

Paradise beaches in northern Finistère

The white sand and turquoise waters of Kerlouan have nothing to envy to the Seychelles or other paradisiacal beaches from around the world.

These dream beaches, where the water's transparency is incredible, are located in Brittany and more precisely in the north of Finistère, 23 km northwest of Landerneau and 32 km from Brest.

Kilometers of fine sand dotted with granite rocks have made the reputation of this small Breton town. Only the temperature of the English Channel, which rarely exceeds 20°C, reminds bathers that they are not in a tropical lagoon but indeed in the northwest of France.

A postcard-worthy landscape.

In this municipality of Finistère, the coastline is particularly photogenic, due to its colors but also its geological features.

Tourists passing through Kerlouan marvel at the infinite shades of blue and turquoise of the sea. These transparent waters contrast with the white sand and the darker hues of the rocks.

One of the particularities of the Breton coast in this area lies indeed in its rocky chaos, which bears witness to the force of the elements. These granite blocks provide a great playground for climbing enthusiasts.

Their tormented shapes are an endless source of inspiration for professional or amateur photographers, while also offering natural protection against the assaults of the sea. These rocks have also inspired numerous local legends.

Meneham, a former hamlet of fishermen and farmers.

The municipality of Kerlouan also houses a hamlet, which was deserted in the late 1970s. Meneham was once a village of fishermen and farmers. It was never very extensive as it never had more than 80 inhabitants at its peak.

This hamlet was rehabilitated about twenty years ago but has retained its authenticity, with its original thatched or slate roofs. Its typical architecture attracts tourists. However, its main attraction is its location just 100 meters from the sea and this stunning coastline.

Today, some cottages have been converted into holiday homes and welcome hikers who walk along the coastal path.

A fragile natural treasure

With its postcard landscapes and breathtaking beaches, the site of Kerlouan attracts around 120,000 visitors each year. In recent years, this gem of northern Finistère has even become a victim of its own success, as the influx of tourists is endangering the coastline.

To protect the dune and local vegetation, the municipality has had to take measures such as creating a parking lot in 2021 to keep vehicles away from the dune. Trails have also been marked to protect plants from being trampled by visitors, and since then, the vegetation has slowly been regaining its ground and helping to stabilize the dune, which is under attack from the sea and wind.

Now that this paradise is no longer a well-kept secret, it will undoubtedly be necessary to protect the site from the negative effects of overtourism through restrictive measures. Protecting the site and regulating tourist flows are the price to pay for preserving the beauty of the "Breton Seychelles."

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Florian Kerdreux on Flickr
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