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Grandeur Nature : an unusual walk in Varengeville-sur-Mer

Art in the landscape In Varengeville-sur-Mer, there is the English Channel, the white cliffs of the Côte d'Albâtre and a picturesque Norman village nestled in the greenery. But there are also land art installations to discover as part of the festival Grandeur Nature. As the very essence of ...


Côte d'Azur: the city of Nice becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site

ion of the city of Nice on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a 'winter resort city of the Riviera' is a tremendous recognition for the architectural, landscape and urban heritage of the Côte d'Azur capital. The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, described UNESCO's decision as a "historic event, u ...


Tom Bob: the street artist who hijacks street furniture

ainting, I've been seeing objects of art so the idea comes spontaneously. Sometimes I have to think.' With his singular way of redrawing the urban landscape, this artist invites us to open our eyes wide and take a new look at the city and the elements we don't even see anymore. Bluffing befor ...


Jacques Renoir, Landscapes : a photo exhibition in Nice

An artist to discover Photographer, director and cameraman, Jacques Renoir loves landscapes. He has a lot to live up to since he is the great-grandson of painter Auguste Renoir, the grandson of actor Pierre Renoir, the son of director of photography Claude Renoir and the nephew of director Jean Ren ...


Taiwan : Discover the Beautiful Island differently

is the only park in Taiwan with volcanic geography and hot springs. Near Shamao, Qixing, Datun and Guanyin mountains, offers a beautiful mountainous landscape and pleasant climate that have made the park an ideal resort and many Taiwanese take one of its numerous hiking trails on weekends. Qingt ...


Les Nuits du sud : Vence invites world music

resentative of traditional, current or emerging world music (jazz, funk, Kabyle folk) has established itself as an unmissable event in the Côte d'Azur landscape and in the professional music world. It welcomed nearly 60,000 festival-goers in 2012. Highlights of the festival The Nuits du Sud fest ...


The International Garden Festival: to discover the gardens of tomorrow

g for the most beautiful contemporary garden creations. The gardens presented are selected after an international competition from several hundred landscape projects from around the world. This festival is therefore the perfect way to discover the gardens of tomorrow and to draw fresh ideas to a ...


Machu Picchu: the famous Inca citadel

untains in the middle of the rainforest, Machu Picchu is the most spectacular pre-Columbian monument in South America. In the midst of a breathtaking landscape, gigantic walls, terraces and ramps seem to be the natural extension of the mountain. The sacred city gives us a glimpse of what an Inca ...


Tourism: 5 good reasons to go to Taiwan

natural hot springs... Don't hesitate to walk around by night: the city is clean, safe and the metro is very modern. 3- For the beauty of its landscapes Once you arrive in Taiwan, you can only marvel at the beauty of the landscape. The island is very green and is 70% covered in vegetation ...


Holidays in France: 5 destinations to go to the mountains in summer

n of Conflans. The well-named resort of Valmorel la Belle is distinguished by its stone and wood architecture in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. Moreover, unlike the higher altitude resorts, in summer it offers forests and meadows, flocks of sheep and trails accessible to the w ...


Wall decoration: 4 creative ideas with photo prints

osing the wall you want to dress up and making a selection from your photo prints. Choose your favourite images, if possible varying the portrait and landscape formats. Then place the photos on the wall using the self-adhesive stickers, creating the layout you like. But don't forget to leave a ma ...


Naoshima: an island museum in Japan

ks can be discovered as you walk or bike. Most of these installations play with the elements such as the wind or the sun and highlight the surrounding landscape. As you walk, you will come across a monumental sculpture by Walter de Maria or an installation by American artist James Turrell, not ...


Television: 5 things to know about targeted advertising

develops thanks to agreements with telecom operators Targeted advertising is starting to develop and become more democratic in the French audiovisual landscape. This type of advertising has already arrived on TF1 for Orange customers from the beginning of 2021. After entering into partnerships ...


The ViaRhôna: a bicycle route from the Alps to the Mediterranean

t on Instagram A publication shared by ViaRhôna (@viarhona) 2- It crosses 12 departments The ViaRhôna allows you to cycle through very varied landscapes, from the mountains to the seaside, passing through vineyards, towns and villages... It is probably the best option for all t ...