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Sweating: 5 unusual facts

Sweating is related to body size Sweating helps maintain body temperature at 37°C. The larger the person, the more heat he or she has to evacuate. This is also the reason why men sweat more than women, who are generally more slender. During a normal day, without any particular physical effor ...


Pretox cure: 5 tips to detox before the holidays

ink about it, but our body's natural detoxification processes don't just go through our digestive system. Our bodies also eliminate toxins through sweat and the air we release from our lungs. The best way to stimulate these processes is to do sports, preferably outdoors. In practice, all yo ...


Hygiene in summer: be careful not to over wash!

ment. For a good body hygiene, think of adapting the washing to your physical activity and to your place of life. Logically, an elderly person who sweats little needs to wash less than someone who is very active and plays sports or does gardening. On average, dermatologists recommend taking a ...


Bed linen: how to wash a pillow?

ish study, you should wash your pillows completely every two months minimum. This is because the pillow you lay your head on every night absorbs your sweat and saliva and accumulates dead skin. Moreover, it constitutes a warm and humid environment, propitious to the development of dust mites and ...


Cancers: the exhibition that plays down the disease at the Cité des Sciences

s to detect breast cancer! Did you know that the dogs at the Institut Curie are able to detect Breast cancer simply by sniffing a wipe impregnated with sweat? In recent years, new therapeutic options have emerged such as targeted therapies, immunotherapies, internal radiation therapies and vaccin ...


5 tips to burn calories without sport

1- Go shopping Shopaholics will be delighted to learn that their favorite activity allows them to expend a lot of energy. Whether you're roaming the aisles of your local supermarket or the malls looking for Christmas gifts, this type of shopping spree can burn up to 200 calories per hour. So ...


Eye injury: what to do?

we instinctively close our eyelids to protect the eye. The eyebrows also have a protective function as they form a barrier to prevent liquids such as sweat from reaching the eye area. If you feel a foreign body has entered your eye, start by rinsing thoroughly with saline or artificial tears. You ...