How To Dress For The Beach?

When packing for a beach vacation, choosing a swimsuit is not the only question to ask yourself. If you want to have style on the sand or pebbles, you also need to switch to beachwear mode and carefully choose your clothes, shoes, and accessories for lounging in the sun. We explain how to dress for the beach.

The must-haves for a beach look.

Key element of summer fashion, beachwear is no longer limited to swimsuits. Even though choosing a swimsuit that fits your body type remains crucial, it's not enough to just pair a swimsuit with a pareo to achieve a beach-worthy look!

To the question "How to dress for the beach?", there are several possible answers, as beachwear fashion has developed in recent years. Depending on your style, you can opt for a beach dress in a fluid material, a shirt dress, a long pareo skirt, a kimono or a large tunic.

These fluid and lightweight clothes are easy to put on over your swimsuit when leaving the beach. Simply pair them with original women's flip-flops, espadrilles or leather sandals to achieve a feminine and stylish beach look.

Style errors to avoid at the beach.

During trips to the beach, the combined effect of the sun, sea water, and sand can quickly become torture for those who haven't chosen their beachwear wisely.

When it comes to dressing for the beach, it's essential to know the mistakes to avoid, which include:
• Clothes that are too tight-fitting
• Synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, or faux leather
• Dark colors
• Closed shoes worn with socks!

Clothes that are too close-fitting, like thick cotton skinny jeans or tight stretchy fabrics, are not suitable for a day by the sea if you don't want to end up with sweat or seawater stains on your clothes...

From Brittany to the Mediterranean, sunbathers and swimmers prefer loose-fitting cuts and natural materials. The long bohemian-style beach dress is a must-have for summer, just like the beach tunic and the oversized white shirt worn as a jacket over a short dress.

Breathable and lightweight fabrics such as cotton voile help keep you cool when the sun shines, especially if you choose them in light colors. Black or navy blue clothes should be avoided because they retain heat.

Another style mistake to avoid would be choosing a minimalist outfit like a bikini top and denim shorts or a pareo. Not only does this basic look lack elegance, but it also doesn't allow you to stroll around town and go shopping after swimming, as many municipalities and shops prohibit swimwear.

If you want to walk around the harbor or have an ice cream in a restaurant, it's better to plan for real clothes and put together a chic beach look!

The accessories that make all the difference.

When getting dressed to go to the beach, accessories should not be forgotten, as they are an essential component of a successful summer look.

On the beach, all kinds of fantasies are allowed, as long as you don't look "disguised": earrings and colorful delicate necklaces, scarves and headbands in your hair, straw hats like boaters or Panama hats...

If you want to have style on the sand, choose a beautiful pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes well and a quality beach bag, but not too sophisticated! Straw or wicker bags are always trendy, especially since they can be matched with your hat.

In conclusion, remember that a successful beach look is always a compromise between elegance, comfort, and sun protection. The beach is a space where great freedom of style is allowed, and where everyone can express their personality through judiciously chosen clothing and accessories.

Author: Audrey
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