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Sunglasses: how to choose them according to your face and much more

A shape adapted to the face For sunglasses to perform their protective function properly, the shape of the frame must be adapted to the face. Logically, you shouldn't wear frames that are too small on a large face because the glasses may let the sun's rays through the sides or over the lenses. ...


Where can I find eco-friendly eyewear?

forces to found Fil & Fab. They now sell 100% recycled fishing net polyamide granules to Armor Lux, which uses them to design its Armor-Lux x Acuitis sunglasses: another avenue to explore for those looking for more eco-friendly models! Recycled models among young designers If eco-design has l ...


I tested the Gowwiz application against jet lag

these seemingly simple tips would help me cross 6 time zones... Still, I didn't give up on following the algorithm's recommendations, including wearing sunglasses between 5 and 6am on the day I left. This oddity earned me some mockery from my family, but I was motivated and scrupulously followed ...


Glasses without borders: the association that collects your old glasses

: Lunettes sans Frontière 41, rue du Général de Gaulle 68560 Hirsingue Please note that the association only accepts glasses in good condition and Sunglasses with or without correction. It does not collect glasses only or frames only or contact lenses. Moreover, the association does no ...


Nutrition: 5 benefits of melon

pigments help to prevent eye diseases like AMD (age-related macular degeneration) and cataracts. But again, this does not exempt you from wearing Sunglasses to protect your eyes at the beach and during outdoor activities. 5- It reduces the risk of hypertension The last of the 5 benefits of m ...


Eye injury: what to do?

sists, even after removing the foreign body, you should see an ophthalmologist within a day. If you feel sensitivity to light, protect your eyes with sunglasses but do not blindfold the injured eye. The severity of this type of eye injury is often downplayed, especially when the pain is not too s ...