The Fanny Pack: A Trend Deciphered In 5 Questions.

If you think the fanny pack is completely outdated, you're totally wrong! This iconic accessory from the 1990s is making a comeback in our wardrobes and is now worn with style. We'll explain how to follow this new trend in 5 questions.

Who invented the fanny pack?

Unlike other items in our wardrobe such as bikinis or sunglasses, the bumbag does not have an official creator. If it's impossible to put a name on the inventor of this little bag, it's because it already appears in photos of Native Americans taken in 1907 by Edward Curtis. Originally, it was worn on the back, so Americans nicknamed it the fanny pack!

It wasn't until the late 1980s that a small revolution took place and this accessory was worn on the belly. The small ventral bag was then adopted en masse by skiers and tourists from all over the world for its practicality.

2- Why is the fanny pack back in style again?

We often hear that fashion is an eternal recurrence and the history of the fanny pack is the perfect illustration. At the end of the 1990s, this small bag worn around the waist eventually became tiresome, especially since its aesthetics were often lacking... This ugly accessory fell into oblivion, until contemporary designers unearthed this memory from the past in the 2010s.

But once again, the way of wearing this bag has changed. Nowadays, the small pouch is no longer attached to the waist but is worn crossbody or along the body like a holster.

Worn this way, it makes us less ridiculous, it is much cooler, unisex and still as practical. For both men and women, it becomes THE essential bag to store their smartphone and/or credit card and sunglasses! Thanks to the fanny pack, everything we need remains within reach, including lipstick for women...

3- Which brand of fanny pack to choose?

Since then, this sometimes unloved bag keeps coming back into the spotlight. It was one of the must-have accessories of summer 2022 and the enthusiasm of young generations for its practicality has not yet subsided.

In short, the real question is not whether you should also adopt this accessory, but rather which fanny pack to choose. And on this point, it must be recognized that you have plenty of choices...

Driven by the vintage trend and the resurgence of the 1980s-1990s, this accessory has been reissued by all manufacturers, from sport brands like The North Face to luxury houses. Against all expectations, there are now branded fanny packs from Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Chanel!

4- Which fanny pack model to choose?

Besides the brand and price, other criteria must be taken into account to choose the right fanny pack.

If you are a true 1990s nostalgic, you can go for the vintage fanny pack that has retained its shape and appearance from the past.

However, if you want to show off this new trendy bag in the evening, it is better to opt for a small model the size of a clutch and prefer a metallic or glittery leather, in gold or silver.

Thanks to the creativity of designers, the fanny pack now comes in multiple materials such as canvas, leather, or corduroy velvet. This bag adapts to all situations and all styles.

It can be worn in sportswear, streetwear, or bohemian mode. To add the final touch to a bohemian chic look, choose it in soft leather in a natural shade like sand or camel.

5- How to wear a fanny pack?

As we explained above, the fanny pack has been worn in different ways throughout its history.

If you fully embrace the 90s look, simply wear it around your waist, just above your belly button. That's how it was worn back then! But you can also shift it slightly towards your hip so it doesn't bounce on your belly.

If you prefer to wear this accessory in a more modern way, wear it over your shoulder so that it hangs across your chest. Pair this little bag with a fitted jacket like a blazer or a close-fitting denim jacket.

Finally, if you want this accessory to match all your outfits and be suitable for all occasions, even in a slightly formal setting, choose a small leather fanny pack in a solid color, camel or black. This little bag can then serve as a clutch, worn across the body or over the shoulder like a small handbag.

Author: Audrey
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