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Glucose revolution: the new diet phenomenon in 5 questions

1- Who launched this new regime? The glucose revolution method was developed by Jessie Inchauspé, a French woman based in the United States. This successful influencer and author, who is known as 'the glucose papess,' is also and above all a food biochemist. She started sharing her method an ...


Times are changing: what is Faustine Bollaert's show on France 2 worth?

A magazine on the evolution of society As its title suggests, the magazine Les temps changent looks at the evolution of morals and society. Each issue of this documentary series broadcast on France 2 tackles a theme that crosses time and consists of an unpublished 90-minute film followed by a time ...


Photo: 5 things to know about the photographer Abbas

1- He captured the world in black and white Attar Abbas, born in Iran in 1944, had found his vocation very early as he wanted to become a photographer since the age of 12. In his biography, he said he was 'born a photographer'. He also confided that the Algerian war, which he had witnessed as a chi ...


Health: what is an autoimmune disease?

A variety of diseases Conditions as diverse as lupus, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or Hashimoto's thyroiditis are all autoimmune diseases. The list of these diseases is long as there are nearly 100. Crohn's disease and scleroderma are also among them. With a prev ...


Ester Manas: fashion for all in one size

The crazy bet of a duo of designers The Ester Manas fashion brand is fairly new, but it's been on the rise for a few years. It was founded in 2018 by two young people who met at La Cambre, the fashion school in Brussels where they were students Ester Manas and Balthazar Delepierre. The duo ma ...


The end of disposable packaging in fast-food restaurants in 7 questions

1- What does the law say? According to the anti-waste law for a circular economy (Agec) passed in 2020, no more fast food chains must use disposable dishes and packaging for meals eaten on site from January 1, 2023. After the ban on plastic straws and cutlery, the end of disposable packaging in ...


Consumption: the QR Code will replace the barcode

A revolution is underway This symbol composed of 24 lines is so common that we don't even see it anymore... And yet, it's been more than half a century since the barcode has been generalized on packaging, from the package of cookies to the bottle of mineral water. In the coming years, however, t ...


The fanny pack: a trend deciphered in 5 questions.

Who invented the fanny pack? Unlike other items in our wardrobe such as bikinis or sunglasses, the bumbag does not have an official creator. If it's impossible to put a name on the inventor of this little bag, it's because it already appears in photos of Native Americans taken in 1907 by Edward Cur ...


Artificial intelligence: Will ChatGPT really replace Google?

Artificial intelligence, a revolution in progress. According to Bill Gates, the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence will deeply disrupt our habits of searching on the Internet and online shopping. At the AI Forward 2023 event in San Francisco, the Microsoft founder predicted that soon, inter ...


Weight loss tip: be careful with lemon juice and vinegar for losing weight.

this role as a miracle product for maintaining tone and slimness, I am of course talking about apple cider vinegar. In her book "Faites votre glucose révolution," author Jessie Inchauspé recommends drinking a spoonful before each meal. However, let's be clear, there is not a single food or habit t ...