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Dumb phone: the trend of basic phones in 5 questions

emands are constant. In addition to promoting digital detox and disconnection, using a dumb phone offers economic and ecological advantages. Indeed, minimalist phones are generally cheaper and more durable than modern smartphones. Young people are particularly sensitive to the benefits of these bas ...


What are the best weather apps?

ps, especially since it allows you to be alerted by a notification on your smartphone when your department is under orange or red alert. Today Weather: a minimalist design app If you like simple and efficient tools, the Today Weather Forecasts, Radar & Alerts app is the app for you. It deserves to b ...


Decoration: the transitional style in 5 questions

decorating, patterns are generally kept discreet. Plain fabrics with luxurious textures are preferred and the number of objects is limited, as in the minimalist style which is also very fashionable at the moment. If you want to add accessories, choose contemporary elements with clean lines. Yo ...


Deco: the color of the year 2022 is purple Very Peri

itektbyra) In a less bucolic but more vintage (very 70's) style, you can also pair purple with touches of orange. Sounds too bold? Go for a minimalist style by pairing this purple with white or gray. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ??????????? ????? ????? ...


Decoration: 5 good resolutions to adopt at home

nning of the year is to sort in your closets and in your decor. Sorting is an essential first step to clearing out, whether you want to follow the minimalist decorating trend or simply make room for new items. Plus, if you're planning to take advantage of the winter sale to renew your wardrobe ...


Maison Durable : the online store for a zero waste decoration

are products made of natural recyclable materials) - which are mainly made in France and distributed in short circuit - which are packed in minimalist and eco-responsible packaging. To go even further in its zero waste approach, this online store is looking for reusable alternatives to ...


Telecommuting: 3 tips for working in optimal conditions

out being disturbed, interrupted or distracted by surrounding objects (for example: the pile of laundry waiting to be ironed). Preferably set up a minimalist desk: in fact, the more objects you pile on or around your desk, the more likely they are to attract your attention and distract you from y ...


Swimsuit: women prefer the one-piece swimsuit

A model adapted to all morphologies Even though in the long history of the swimsuit the one-piece has known an up and down popularity, today it is the favorite model of French women. In 2019, a study by Statista Research Department found that 52.4% of those surveyed had a preference for this fuller ...


How to dress for the beach?

f you choose them in light colors. Black or navy blue clothes should be avoided because they retain heat. Another style mistake to avoid would be choosing a minimalist outfit like a bikini top and denim shorts or a pareo. Not only does this basic look lack elegance, but it also doesn't allow you to ...


Decor therapy or how decoration can improve your well-being.

ld only retain what resonates with you. Decorating a place in one's own image allows for a sense of ownership and comfort. For instance, even though minimalist decor is trendy right now, there's no need to force yourself to live in a stripped-down setting if it doesn't match your personality and pe ...


Interior Design Trends: What Are the Colors for 2024?

, and warm. Pantone has indeed stated that it was chosen for the sense of "soft warmth" it evokes. What are the other trending colors for 2024? While minimalist decor had established neutral shades like off-white, cream white, gray, beige, and taupe in our homes, the year 2024 witnesses the return o ...