Deco: The Color Of The Year 2022 Is Purple Very Peri

If you're looking for a trendy color to redecorate your home, you should know that the Pantone color of the year 2022 was unveiled on December 9. The American brand of reference in the field of color has chosen the purple Very Peri to symbolize the coming year. Here's a handy guide to adopting this hue and matching it to your decor.

What is the Pantone color of the year?

Since the year 2000, the Pantone color brand has designated a trendy color for the coming year in December.

After a very bright gray and yellow (respectively named Ultimate Gray and Illuminating) in 2021, it is a shade of purple called Very Peri that has been chosen to symbolize the year 2022.

Why this color?

According to Pantone brand representatives, Very Peri purple symbolizes a desire for renewal.

It's a vibrant, dynamic purple meant to express a positive flight of fancy and desires for change in the future, especially for the post-Covid-19 pandemic.

Moreover, in the words of the Pantone brand, this purple also reflects 'the fusion of modern life and how color trends in the digital world manifest in the physical world and vice versa.'

In color symbolism, purple is the color of boldness, Self-confidence and femininity. It is moreover the international color of feminists.

After the anxious period we have just lived, we legitimately want to put colors in our home and this shade of purple is perfect to bring cheerfulness and carefree to our interior.

How to adopt this color?

If we believe the Pantone brand, the purple will be honored this year.

After its designation as the Pantone Color of the Year 2022, we can expect designers and decorators to plebiscite all shades of this Very Peri purple full of joy and dynamism.

The American brand famous for its color chart is indeed setting the 'pace' in the decoration, design and even fashion and beauty sector.

If you want to follow the trend, you'll have no trouble finding this shade on furniture, lighting, linens, accessories and of course paint.

You can also wear the star color of 2022, because the fashion world has already adopted this vibrant purple.

How to match this color to your interior?

Very Peri purple, not unlike the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau and Provence in general, goes particularly well with all shades of green.

In a bedroom, for example, the agreement between this purple and a water green will bring a soothing atmosphere.

If you don't want to repaint the whole room, a bed set combining these two shades will be enough to create the desired effect.

In a less bucolic but more vintage (very 70's) style, you can also pair purple with touches of orange.

Sounds too bold? Go for a minimalist style by pairing this purple with white or gray.

If you love gray and have painted your living room in that color, know that adding a few purple accessories is enough to energize the decor. For example, you can add purple pillows to a light gray sofa...

Also note that neutral shades like white and beige can soften a decoration in purple tones. This is a very simple solution to adopt this color at home without risking a taste mistake.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pantone
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