Education: How To Help A Girl's Self-confidence?

If you have a daughter or daughters, you may be wondering what kind of education will help them feel comfortable in a world where gender inequality is, unfortunately, still a reality. Self-esteem is an essential asset for success in society and especially in professional life. We explain how to help a girl to have self-confidence from a young age.

Value his successes and trials

Self-confidence is that inner strength that allows you to act and especially to try without fear of failure.

It is a precious quality to find one's way in the professional world, but also to feel fulfilled and at ease in society.

Yet, while there is little difference between girls and boys at birth, it is noted that in adolescence girls' self-esteem tends to decline.

So the first thing to do to help a girl's self-confidence is to value her successes, but also to teach her not to fear failure.

In practice, it is not enough to praise your child for what she succeeds in doing. You also need to value her attempts and efforts even when she fails. The parents' reaction is then crucial to a child's self-esteem.

When faced with failure, always adopt a constructive attitude:
=> by congratulating your daughter for trying even if it wasn't easy
=> by suggesting that she look for solutions together to get there.

Provide activities that build confidence

Traditionally, at home and in the playground, certain games are reserved for girls or boys.

But the activities that are offered to either of them still convey too many sexist stereotypes by favouring cooperation between girls (the game of elastics) and competition between boys (the football match in the yard).

Another way to help a girl's self-confidence is to teach her to compete with others without fear of competition.

One of the best ways to do this is to get her into team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer or even rugby!

These team sports have the double advantage of de-dramatizing the notion of competition and boosting self-esteem.

Give him a voice

During childhood, self-esteem is built through action (activities practiced, technical skills mastered, etc.) but also through speech.

To help a girl gain self-confidence, it is therefore very important to teach her from an early age how to express herself in public.

Even if your child is naturally shy encourage her to speak up, at meals for example. In this family context, make sure that her siblings do not cut her off.

It is very early that one must learn to express oneself, because it allows one to assert oneself and be heard.

Set a good example

Finally, since children also learn a great deal by example and observation of adults, it is crucial to set a good example for them.

A mom who is confident and doesn't hesitate to take on new things is a role model that will help a girl's confidence.

Of course, there is no need, ladies, to turn yourself into Wonder Woman!

You can admit that you are not infallible, that you sometimes make mistakes but that you don't give up trying.

And if your daughter is afraid of 'losing' at a game or team sport, suggest another illustrious role model, Nelson Mandela, and teach her this beautiful quote:

'I never lose. Either I win or I learn.'

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Chuck Underwood
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