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Decoration: the transitional style in 5 questions

or cotton is one of the characteristics of this type of decoration. You can even mix various wood species, as long as you choose them in the same tones. This combination of antique and modern styles can also be applied to light fixtures. In the transitional style, for example, you can choose ...


Sport: Pilates method in 4 questions

mplementary activity to another sport or for rehabilitation purposes. This practice is particularly effective in correcting postural problems. As it tones the abdominal muscles, it relieves back pain, especially lower back pain. It also helps to release muscle tension and therefore reduce stress. ...


The day after the party: beauty tips for a healthy glow

m or Cc cream will do) - be satisfied with a little pink blush on the cheeks, this color gives a good look - on the eyes, limit yourself to neutral tones and a little light blush on the inner corner of the eye - divert the attention to your mouth by applying a beautiful red that will give tone to ...


Deco: the color of the year 2022 is purple Very Peri

r example, you can add purple pillows to a light gray sofa... Also note that neutral shades like white and beige can soften a decoration in purple tones. This is a very simple solution to adopt this color at home without risking a taste mistake. ...


Nesting or how to transform your home into a cosy nest

d not use colors that assault the eyes or energize your energy. So forget about electrifying hues such as red, yellow or orange and prefer neutral tones like beige, off-white, gray or powder pink. Surrounded by these nude or soft hues, you'll find it easier to let yourself relax when you get h ...


Decoration: what is the shabby chic style?

f making a room very bright by focusing on natural light and white as the dominant color on the walls and furniture. For the flooring too, neutral tones are preferred with light wood flooring or white tiles. Then just add a touch of vintage thanks to: - antique furniture with wood patina ...


Having style: 5 mistakes to avoid

w you to no longer make mistakes when choosing the color of your clothes, as well as your makeup and jewelry. Indeed, gold jewelry suits certain skin tones better, while silver jewelry suits others. 2- Do not know your size The second of the 5 mistakes to avoid in order to have style is to wear clot ...