Nesting Or How To Transform Your Home Into A Cosy Nest

Have you heard of nesting? This term, which comes from the English word 'nest' meaning 'nest', refers to a decorating trend that consists in transforming your house or apartment into a cozy little nest. Follow our 5 decorating tips below and you won't want to leave your cocoon!

1- Choose dimmed lights

While Energy sobriety is the government's watchword, nesting is emerging as the perfect decorating trend to help us reduce our Electricity consumption at home.

The first decorating tip to transform your home into a cozy nest is indeed to privilege soft and subdued lights. Forget the ceiling light in your living room and only turn on one or two lamps around your sofa!

You can also install a string of lights along the wall, above the sofa or your headboard for example, to replace or complement the traditional bedside lamp.

2- Accumulate plaids and pillows

Cocooning accessories par excellence, plaids and cushions are essential to transform certain strategic locations in your home or apartment into a cozy nest.

The corner to be fitted out can be your bed, the sofa in the living room or your favorite armchair, the one where you like to settle when you come home from work. In any case, to feel like staying there for hours well warm, do not skimp on the number of plaids and cushions!

Go for the softest and most enveloping materials like cotton, faux fur, fleece, velvet or wool. Surrounding yourself with softness is a great way to create a warm and welcoming place to relax.

3- Opt for soft colors

One of the 5 decorating tips to follow the nesting trend is to favor soft and natural colors. Indeed, if you want your home to look like a cozy nest where you can take time for yourself, you should not use colors that assault the eyes or energize your energy.

So forget about electrifying hues such as red, yellow or orange and prefer neutral tones like beige, off-white, gray or powder pink.

Surrounded by these nude or soft hues, you'll find it easier to let yourself relax when you get home.

4- Prefer round shapes

Also in an effort to create that soft atmosphere unique to nesting, it's best to privilege rounded and enveloping shapes for all of your furniture elements.

Avoid sharp angles and straight lines and opt for curves and rounded shapes like an oval table or round coffee table! Furniture like this also makes it easier to move around the room without the risk of getting hurt.

For optimal comfort, take special care in choosing chairs. Round or egg-shaped armchairs are to be preferred because they have a wraparound shape where you can curl up like... in a nest!

5- Surround yourself with what you love

You will have understood, the main objective of the nesting trend is to create a cozy environment in order to feel good at home and protected from the aggressions of the outside world.

A final tip to achieve this goal is to surround yourself with loved things. These can be decorative accessories that you particularly like, but also photos and memories that remind you of good times.

If you don't feel comfortable in a room in your home, ask yourself what you could remove or add to make the interior design more meaningful to you.

Think about what's most important to you, what you like to do or have on hand (a good book, a vinyl record from your collection, or a notebook and pen to write in your bullet journal for example).

This way you can create a cozy little nest that feels like you. Once you've defined your desires and needs in your environment, all you have to do is enjoy this cozy, cocooning decor all winter long.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Rémi Thorel on Unsplash
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In French: Le nesting ou comment transformer son logement en nid douillet
En español: Nesting o cómo convertir tu casa en un nido acogedor
In italiano: Nesting o come trasformare la vostra casa in un nido accogliente
Auf Deutsch: Nesting oder wie man seine Wohnung in ein gemütliches Nest verwandelt
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