Organize The Bathroom: 5 Storage Tips

When conducting a thorough spring cleaning at home, it's important to pay special attention to the bathroom, as it's a room where clutter tends to accumulate. To help you sort through your products and organize, here are 5 tips for tidying up the bathroom.

Clear the space in the shower or around the bathtub.

It is important, when undertaking a thorough spring cleaning and organizing at home, to proceed in order. In the bathroom, a room where we usually accumulate a lot of products, you must start by decluttering before you can organize and clean.

The first step in organizing the bathroom is to clear out the shower or around the bathtub. This strategic spot often becomes cluttered with various shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, or soap and solid cosmetics on soap dishes…

To declutter this space, put away products that you do not use daily into cabinets and finish older bottles before buying new ones. If you want to make this part of the bathroom more elegant, you can also invest in pretty bottles and transfer your products into them.

Sort through your beauty products.

The second step in organizing the bathroom involves sorting through your beauty products, and not just those placed on the edge of the bathtub or sink.

Among cosmetics, makeup products should be sorted several times a year, as they have an expiration date of 3 to 12 months on average. Of course, it is necessary to sort through nail polishes as they eventually dry out and become thick, and to throw away sunscreen opened the previous summer because it deteriorates over time.

Sorting beauty products is also an opportunity to clean makeup brushes and sponges. Simply wash them with soapy water and let them air dry to eliminate bacteria that love to settle there.

3- Equip yourself with storage boxes.

Another tip for organizing the bathroom is to equip yourself with storage boxes and organizers to compartmentalize drawers. Depending on the storage space you already have and the style of your bathroom, you can choose plastic or glass containers, or even wicker baskets.

These different containers will allow you to group your beauty products by category and find them more easily. For small items like cotton swabs and small makeup brushes, preferably use glass jars, which are more aesthetic than plastic.

4- Renew the bathroom towels.

Even though it's not strictly a storage tip, another trick for a well-organized bathroom is to regularly renew your bath towels. Over time, towels lose their fluffiness and color. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to discard the oldest ones and refresh your stock.

To avoid a cluttered look in the bathroom, opt for bath linens in soft and solid colors, which will match everything else.

On this occasion, you can also reorganize how you store your towels and try a new folding technique. Rolling towels is a great trick to pick the one you want without having to lift the entire stack. It's also a good idea to roll guest hand towels in a wicker basket to save space and store them under the sink like in hotels.

Sort the medications.

The final step in tidying up the bathroom is to sort through your medicine cabinet. This, too, is a strategic spot where boxes pile up throughout the winter.

Take advantage of the spring cleaning to identify any unused or expired medications. But do not throw them directly into the trash! Return them to the pharmacy so they can be recycled. You should bring back to your pharmacist any medications that are past their expiration date, as well as any opened boxes that you no longer know what they are for.

Once you have made space in your medicine cabinet, you can store throat lozenges and other over-the-counter medications scattered around the house.

Thanks to these 5 tips, your bathroom should become a haven of peace and well-being, where you can relax without clutter spoiling the view.

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