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Around the world in 80 days: a very successful adaptation on France 2

a crazy bet launched by Nyle Bellamy, a member of the private club he frequents: to go around the world in 80 days! This hero, who leaves his cozy cocoon out of pride, is a kind of 19th-century superhero. Through its three main characters, the Around the World in 80 Days series pays fervent trib ...


Valentine's Day: 3 romantic destinations in Europe

d to re-enact a famous scene from Love at First Sight in Notting Hill! You can also go to have tea at the Sketch Gallery to snuggle up in the cozy cocoon of a pink lounge with very arty decor. Copyright: the justified sinner 2- Paris It was of course impossible to establish the top 3 m ...


Acapulco armchair: 5 good reasons to follow this decorating trend

continued to be reissued and revisited by prestigious brands of indoor and outdoor furniture. It must be said that its ovoid shape, enveloping like a cocoon, is particularly pleasant to curl up in the sun or at home for a moment of relaxation. View this post on Instagram A publ ...


Nesting or how to transform your home into a cosy nest

g the wall, above the sofa or your headboard for example, to replace or complement the traditional bedside lamp. 2- Accumulate plaids and pillows Cocooning accessories par excellence, plaids and cushions are essential to transform certain strategic locations in your home or apartment into a cozy ...


Garden: What outdoor arrangements to choose this summer?

ight, if possible oriented to enjoy the view of the garden. 2- A comfortable and intimate atmosphere. After bringing sweetness into our interior, the cocooning trend is now inviting itself into the garden and is one of the 5 outdoor decoration trends to follow this year! If you want to create a co ...


Decor therapy or how decoration can improve your well-being.

t! This method, which borrows some of its principles from feng shui and psychology, simply aims to make one feel good at home. Our living space is a cocoon whose arrangement has a direct effect on our well-being. That's why deco therapy advocates for carefully choosing one's decor. According to Fr ...


Starting Christmas earlier makes people happier.

ew weeks, to enjoy its morale-boosting effect. Christmas decorations bring us back to our childhood and transform our home into a warm and comforting cocoon. So, if you feel like taking out the decorations from the boxes even though December has not yet arrived, don't hold back! Nostalgia is an ess ...