Decor Therapy Or How Decoration Can Improve Your Well-being.

Have you heard of decor therapy? This method, halfway between feng shui and psychology, aims to improve one's mental well-being through the arrangement of one's living space. Here is a brief practical guide to get you started on this new form of feel-good decorating.

A method to feel good at home

If you've ever felt a rush of well-being or a sense of tranquility after rearranging your home sweet home, you're already practicing decotherapy without even knowing it!

This method, which borrows some of its principles from feng shui and psychology, simply aims to make one feel good at home. Our living space is a cocoon whose arrangement has a direct effect on our well-being. That's why deco therapy advocates for carefully choosing one's decor.

According to Franck Dupuy, the ergonomic architect who created this method in 2005, the goal is to "help individuals set up their living or working space in the best possible conditions." Arranging your living space is not just a process that reveals your tastes. It's also a source of fulfillment and a feel-good method that should not be overlooked!

A decoration that reflects you

One of the fundamental principles of decotherapy is to match your interior decoration with your inner self. In other words, to feel good at home, you must choose a layout and decor that reflect who you are.

Although it is always possible to seek inspiration in home decor magazines and showroom models in decor stores, you should only retain what resonates with you. Decorating a place in one's own image allows for a sense of ownership and comfort.

For instance, even though minimalist decor is trendy right now, there's no need to force yourself to live in a stripped-down setting if it doesn't match your personality and personal aspirations. You have every right to keep the furniture, paintings, and knick-knacks you've collected over the years or inherited from your family if you find comfort in being surrounded by these objects.

Comfort above all.

Following the same logic, decotherapy advises against succumbing to the allure of designer furniture if you find it uncomfortable. In this method that combines decor and well-being, comfort is a top priority when choosing furniture and interior layout for your home.

You can start by determining which rooms and strategic points in the house where you spend the most time. Whether you prefer lounging in the bathroom or spending hours reading on your sofa, you should pay special attention to the arrangement of these spaces.

Decotherapy in 5 Practical Tips

Decotherapy recommends transforming your living space into a cozy nest by paying particular attention to the following points:

1- The quality of light through natural lighting and lighting suitable for your activities. Ensure sufficient light for cooking or to illuminate your reading corner, and soft lighting in rest areas.

2- Materials pleasant to the touch such as wood or stone, and of course the most cocooning fabrics for accessories like cushions and throws piled on your sofa.

3- Colors, to be chosen in accordance with the function of the room. In practice, opt for soothing colors in the bedroom and appetizing shades in the kitchen. According to followers of this well-being method, repainting the walls is enough to stimulate our brain in a way that makes us feel better and more at peace.

4- Sensoriality: to create a calming and reassuring atmosphere, favor accessories that engage the different senses such as sight, touch, smell, and hearing.

5- Personalization: according to decotherapists, successful interior decoration is one that resembles you and awakens emotions within you. Even though others may also benefit from it, this feel-good decor is primarily intended for you.

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In French: La décothérapie ou comment la décoration peut améliorer votre bien-être
En español: La deco-terapia o cómo la decoración puede mejorar tu bienestar.
In italiano: La deco-terapia o come la decorazione può migliorare il tuo benessere
Auf Deutsch: Die Dekotherapie oder wie die Dekoration Ihr Wohlbefinden verbessern kann
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