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Unusual: 3 small animals that heal

bout 15% of the grafts, the blood return is difficult. The grafted tissue is clogged with blood and risks necrosis. We then resort to this innovative therapy called hirudotherapy: by pumping blood, leeches unclog the tissue and stimulate blood circulation. These funny worms also have the advantag ...


Health: 5 benefits of handwriting

oughts that are cluttering up your mind, putting them down on paper is a good way to free yourself from them. Handwriting is used in some forms of therapy to get over negative emotions and even trauma. Putting your thoughts on paper not only clarifies and expresses them, but also allows you to ...


Music: 5 things you need to know about singer Adele

just physically! She readily admits that her divorce inspired several songs on this album. She even admits that writing the 30 album was a form of therapy after her separation from her husband Simon. In her new songs, she also talks about her role as a mother to her son Angelo and her relation ...


Covid-19: have we all become hypochondriacs?

hypervigilance. This can be done using various relaxation and hypnosis techniques. This disorder can also be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy or techniques that combine psychological management and work on body sensations, such as sophrology for example. In practice, here are 3 ba ...


In therapy on Arte: what does season 2 have in store for us?

A topical theme In Therapy, the series created by Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache returns to Arte. The series was a huge success during the confinement and recorded a record 54 million views on the platform. It must be said that this little gem was imagined by the power duo behind the ...


Hobbies: why garden?

one's confidence and well-being. Gardening would not only have a preventive role on neurological diseases but also a curative role, as proven by hortitherapy or gardening therapy invented in the 17th century by the American psychiatrist Benjamin Rush. Even today, this method is used to stimulate the ...