Valentine's Day: 3 Romantic Destinations In Europe

One of the best gifts for Valentine's Day is a romantic weekend getaway, where the focus is on love. For the lovebirds who are looking for the perfect city without having to go too far, we have selected 3 romantic destinations in Europe.

1- London

According to a ranking offered by the website Wethrift, the most romantic city in the world is London in the UK.

London takes the top spot in this ranking, ahead of Paris, the French capital of love and Barcelona in Spain.

This ranking is based on 8 criteria including the number of couple-friendly activities, the number of romantic restaurants, hotels, spas, sites and monuments to visit as well as the number of times the sunset has been photographed and posted on Instagram with the hashtag #sunset in these cities!


With more than 1,900 romantic restaurants and 75,000 posts including the hashtag #sunset on Instagram, London has beaten out the City of Light.

While there, you can see a romantic movie at the Electric Cinema in the Notting Hill neighborhood to re-enact a famous scene from Love at First Sight in Notting Hill!

You can also go to have tea at the Sketch Gallery to snuggle up in the cozy cocoon of a pink lounge with very arty decor.

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2- Paris

It was of course impossible to establish the top 3 most romantic destinations in Europe without mentioning Paris...

A true symbol of romance around the world, the French capital offers the perfect setting for a romantic weekend.

As this destination is very rich in monuments and museums, you'll be spoilt for choice between climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Museum of Romantic Life or taking a cruise on the Seine river!

Copyright: Jorge Láscar

For an unforgettable stay in Paris as a couple, we also recommend taking a stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens, crossing the Seine on the Pont des Arts and going up to Montmartre by the funicular to admire the view and discover the Wall of I Love You which is located in the Jehan-Rictus Square, just a stone's throw from the Place des Abbesses.

3- Barcelona

If you loved the Foodie Love series on Arte, you won't be surprised to learn that the city of Barcelona in Spain ranked 3rd among the most romantic destinations in Europe!

Ideal for a romantic getaway under the Spanish sun, this city offers many places to visit as a couple.

Don't miss the must-see attractions such as:
- strolling hand in hand at Parc Güell: this park is famous for its wavy mosaic benches and its breathtaking view of the city
- take a boat ride on the lake in the Ciutadella Park
- take the Montjuic cable car to admire the view and climb to the top of Barcelona's largest hill

Copyright: Rosa M.O.M

You will also find many romantic hotels and restaurants and will be able to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the beautiful Catalan city, its gastronomy and its beautiful sunsets.

As you can see, Barcelona has all the ingredients for a successful romantic weekend!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pxhere
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