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The Blue Museum: 5 Things to See at the Arles Antique Departmental Museum

allows one to gauge the importance of trade exchanges between the port of Arles, Northern Europe, and the rest of the Mediterranean world in Roman times. 4- Roman mosaics The Arles Antique Departmental Museum is also fortunate to have in its collections mosaics that once adorned the floors of wealth ...


Carnival of Nice

cover these floats of 7 meters long, 2 wide and 6 high. Their design and elaboration represent meticulous work, each flower being stitched to compose a Mosaic most delightful scented. For the needs of the Nice carnival the flowers come from the artisans-artists who provide about 90% of the flowe ...


Croatia: 5 highlights of this destination.

hitecture, including a dome roof and Renaissance-style facade elements. The Euphrasian Basilica in Porec is distinguished by its apse covered with a Mosaic with a gold background. 5- Dream Islands The last of the 5 strengths of Croatia, but not the least, lies in the beauty and diversity of the isl ...


Valentine's Day: 3 romantic destinations in Europe

es to visit as a couple. Don't miss the must-see attractions such as: - strolling hand in hand at Parc Güell: this park is famous for its wavy mosaic benches and its breathtaking view of the city - take a boat ride on the lake in the Ciutadella Park - take the Montjuic cable car t ...


Alassio in Italy: 3 good reasons to choose this destination

lso one of the most romantic places in Alassio and couples usually meet there on Valentine's Day! During this walk, you can linger especially in front of the mosaic depicting the lovers of Peynet and in front of the bronze statue of a young couple signed by the sculptor Eros Pellini. Copyr ...


Vegetable garden: 8 diseases of the zucchini.

ni mildew is caused by a pseudo fungus called Pseudoperonospora cubensis. The disease manifests itself as yellow spots that grow and gradually form a mosaic on the leaves. The leaves eventually fall off and the fruits have difficulty growing. Bordeaux mixture is an effective treatment for this fung ...


Thermalism in Hungary: 5 Must-Visit Places

e clientele of these renowned baths. It must be said that this place has breathtaking architecture. The pools are adorned with domes, stone columns, mosaic tiles, and statuettes, not to mention the ceilings decorated with frescoes. 3- Europe's largest thermal lake. The Lake Héviz, located 200 km w ...