Thermalism In Hungary: 5 Must-visit Places

Even though Hungary is landlocked and lacks ocean access, there are plenty of opportunities to swim in the country, thanks to its numerous thermal water sources. With over 1300 springs of varied therapeutic properties, this spa destination is one of the most renowned in Europe. We have selected 5 must-visit places to experience thermal bathing in Hungary.

The Turkish baths of Budapest.

Thermal tourism in Hungary is a true boon for travelers. The properties of Hungarian thermal waters attract millions of visitors each year, especially to the Budapest area.

The country is home to over 1,300 thermal springs, with 123 in Budapest alone. In the Hungarian capital, some of the most beautiful public baths were constructed in the 16th century during the Ottoman rule.

The capital has 4 Turkish baths: Rudas, Kiraly, Veli Bej, and Rac. These places mix Islamic tradition with modern facilities and are also inspired by Roman baths, consisting of a series of increasingly hot rooms.

2- The Gellert Thermal Baths of Budapest

It is also in Budapest that you can admire one of the jewels of thermal baths in Hungary: the famous Gellert Baths. These Art Nouveau-style baths are undoubtedly among the most beautiful public baths in the Hungarian capital, which is sometimes rightly called "the city of spas".

Visitors flock there in large numbers for the benefits of the thermal water, but also to admire the decor and to enjoy the outdoor wave pool. Today, tourists make up over 90% of the clientele of these renowned baths.

It must be said that this place has breathtaking architecture. The pools are adorned with domes, stone columns, mosaic tiles, and statuettes, not to mention the ceilings decorated with frescoes.

3- Europe's largest thermal lake.

The Lake Héviz, located 200 km west of Budapest, is another wonder not to be missed! With its thermal water at a temperature ranging between 23°C and 36°C depending on the season, this lake with an area of over 4 hectares constitutes the largest thermal lake in Europe.

The water is naturally warm and pleasant enough for swimming even in the middle of winter! That's why this lake has become one of the hotspots for thermal bathing in Hungary.

The hotels and spa resorts lining the lake also offer treatments and beauty products made from the mud that lines the bottom of the lake.

4- The Salt Hill of Eger.

Among the essential thermal sites in Hungary, the Eger region, northeast of the capital, must also be mentioned. Although this part of the country is best known for its vineyards and wine, it is also home to the oldest Hungarian thermal baths. In the region, radon thermal water is considered a miracle remedy for pain.

The most famous spa in the area is the Eger salt hill, or Egerszalok. This limestone hill owes its nickname to its pristine white color. With its limestone terraces, it creates a spectacular landscape, unique in Europe.

5- The troglodytic thermal baths of Miskolctapolca.

Not far away, the troglodytic thermal baths of Miskolctapolca are also unique in their kind. These natural thermal baths are located in a cave carved out by time.

In this exceptional setting, it is possible to bathe in 5 pools and corridors at 30°C and in two covered pools at 33°C and 35°C. In some pools, water springs directly from the rock like a waterfall.

Light shows and underground whirlpool baths complete this unusual and beneficial experience. Indeed, the thermal waters of the Miskolctapolca cave are said to have effects on cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, and respiratory problems.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Bernard Blanc on Flickr
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