Valentine's Day In Vienna: 5 Romantic And Unusual Experiences

In winter, a special kind of magic takes over the Austrian capital. It is then particularly pleasant to take a romantic getaway, away from the tourist crowds of the high season. If you're looking for a destination to celebrate February 14th, why not spend Valentine's Day in Vienna? We've selected 5 romantic and unusual experiences for couples.

Have brunch on a Ferris wheel.

Vienna is rightly considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The Austrian capital offers couples a wide variety of unforgettable experiences.

To celebrate Valentine's Day in this city, you can start by booking a brunch for two on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel. It's a perfect idea for that day since the lovers' celebration coincides with National Ferris Wheel Day on February 14th.

The Giant Ferris Wheel offers various culinary options under the name of "Waggon for 2". Starting the day with breakfast overlooking the city rooftops is one of the 5 romantic and unusual experiences not to be missed during your getaway in Austria!

Exchange a kiss at the Belvedere Museum.

For art-loving couples, a visit to the Belvedere Museum is a must on Valentine's Day in Vienna.

Not only does this Baroque palace feature one of the most exquisite collections of Austrian art, but it also houses a legendary painting: Gustav Klimt's The Kiss! This famous depiction of love provides the perfect setting for exchanging a kiss or making a declaration of love.

Moreover, on Valentine's Day, the Belvedere Museum offers couples the chance to be photographed for free by a professional in front of Gustav Klimt's renowned painting. The Come for a kiss event takes place at the museum on February 14th from 6:30 pm to midnight and is certainly one of the top 5 romantic and unique experiences not to be missed in the Austrian capital.

Take a Viennese waltz lesson.

Everyone who has been enchanted by the Sissi films and Johann Strauss's music knows well: the waltz is one of the most romantic dances there is. One of the 5 romantic and unusual experiences for Valentine's Day in Vienna is to learn the Viennese waltz in the city where this ballroom dance was invented.

The Austrian capital hosts over 400 balls each winter, between November and February. These events attract dance enthusiasts from all over the world.

Even if you're not skilled in ballroom dancing, you can still whirl into a vortex of romance with waltz lessons specifically designed for travelers, offered in both French and English! There are even crash courses available at many of the city's schools to prepare for a ball…

4- Book a chocolate treatment.

During your romantic Valentine's Day getaway in Vienna, you might want to relax and indulge in some pampering together. For that, there's nothing better than booking a chocolate-based treatment!

Chocolate is one of the most well-known natural aphrodisiacs. Fortunately, the Sacher Boutique Spa, located in the famous Hotel Sacher, offers a 90-minute treatment called Symphony in Chocolate.

This chocolate wrap, followed by a cocoa peel, chocolate body mask, and a relaxing massage is a romantic and unique experience that foodies will love!

Moreover, if this chocolate treatment has whetted your appetite, note that the famous Café Sacher is at the same address. You can enjoy its romantic decor with red velvet, golden frames, and magnificent chandeliers to share a sachertorte. This chocolate and apricot jam cake is the city's most iconic pastry.

5- Visit Vienna by horse-drawn carriage.

In the streets of Vienna, it's not uncommon to hear classical music as well as the sound of hooves... The last of the 5 romantic and unusual experiences not to be missed is the city tour by horse-drawn carriage.

To share an unforgettable moment with your loved one, all you need to do is book a ride in a traditional horse-drawn fiacre.

This experience is even more romantic at night, when the capital's monuments are bathed in beautiful golden light. A perfect way to beautifully conclude your Valentine's Day stay in Vienna!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Manel and Sean on Pexels
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