Acapulco Armchair: 5 Good Reasons To Follow This Decorating Trend

Have you already fallen for an Acapulco armchair? If not yet, I bet you will soon succumb to the decorating trend of the moment! Design and colorful, the scoubidou armchair invites itself everywhere, outside but also inside our homes.

1- Its design is timeless

Don't let its amusing nickname of Scoubidou Chair fool you! The Acapulco Chair is an icon of Mexican design. The chair, whose exact origin is unknown, is named after the city where it originated in the 1950s.

In this seaside resort popular with the stars of Hollywood's golden age, this cult chair is said to have been designed by an unnamed local craftsman, at the request of a French tourist.

Fallen into oblivion at the end of the 20th century, this armchair ideal for tanning sessions made a comeback in 2008, on the occasion of a traveling exhibition dedicated to Mexican furniture.

Since then, this iconic piece has continued to be reissued and revisited by prestigious brands of indoor and outdoor furniture. It must be said that its ovoid shape, enveloping like a cocoon, is particularly pleasant to curl up in the sun or at home for a moment of relaxation.

2- It comes in all colors

With its scoubidou thread seat and graphic radial design, the Acapulco chair is unmatched in bringing a modern and exotic touch to your decor!

This chair, which features a Mayan hammock weaving technique, seduces with its vibrant colors. On its epoxy steel structure, you can indeed weave all kinds of PVC plastic ropes.

While its graphic black version fits well in all interiors, even the most modern ones, in gardens and on terraces it is its colored version that works wonders. Monochrome or multicolored, it comes in all the colors of the rainbow to bring sunshine to your city balcony and cheer to your garden lounge

Friendly and warm, this armchair brings its inimitable style to a terrace or a room in the house. It stands out wherever you place it and blends perfectly with the decor thanks to its multiple colors. Do you prefer this armchair in black, white, yellow, orange, pink, green or blue? Everything is possible, the hardest part is to choose (or not).

3- It can be used both indoors and outdoors

Of course, the Acapulco chair was originally designed for the outdoors. It's often touted as the perfect chair for sunbathing, thanks to its sturdy yet breathable and comfortable seat.

But the scoubidou chair has long since outgrown its status as a simple garden chair to become a must-have for interior as well as exterior decorating.

Today declined in a multitude of colors, materials and shapes, it invites itself in all the rooms of the house: around the table in the kitchen, the living room or the dining room but also in a bedroom or a bathroom where its sturdy seat often proves to be quite useful!

It is even possible to use it as a chair in a child's room as it now exists in miniature version for children.

4- It blends in with any decor

With its assertive design and its deliciously vintage look, the Acapulco armchair fits in with all styles of interior design.

Sober and graphic in black or white, it becomes resolutely pop and joyful when declined in bright colors such as yellow, pink or turquoise blue.

To better fit any indoor or outdoor decor, it even comes in seat or sunbathing version. The choice is yours!

5- It adapts to all budgets

If you are looking for a real Acapulco chair in France, there are specialized stores in Paris or on the Internet.

The specialized store BOQA offers this iconic armchair in many colors and in original dimensions, provided you don't look at the expense (it costs 369 € for an armchair).

For tighter budgets, many mainstream brands like Ikea, Maisons du Monde or Leroy Merlin offer their own version of the scoubidou armchair.

Thanks to these cheap models, it is possible to adopt this great classic of Mexican design at home, choosing the color according to the atmosphere you want to create. Have fun and enjoy the result!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: vladimix on Flickr
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En español: Sillón Acapulco: 5 buenas razones para seguir esta tendencia
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