How To Perfect Your Tan During The Summer?

If you want to have a perfect tan when you get back from vacation, you need to prepare your skin well before you leave. Here are 5 tips to know to perfect your tan during the summer, before, during and after exposure to the sun.

1- Expose yourself gradually

Contrary to what you might think, sun exposure should be regular but not excessive to get a nice tan and a long-lasting caramel color.

So the first tip for getting a tan during the summer is to gradually expose yourself to the sun.

Follow the recommendations of dermatologists and do not expose yourself between noon and 4pm which are the hottest hours of the day.

One hour of exposure in the morning or late afternoon is enough to tan without excess, that is, without sunburn or premature aging of the skin.

2- Don't forget the sun cream

The other misconception that sunscreen prevents tanning is completely false. So the second tip for perfecting your tan during the summer is to get your sunscreen right.

Adapt the protection factor of the sunscreen according to your skin type :
- blond or redheaded people with very fair skin should use an index 50 cream to avoid any risk of burning
- those with darker skin, even matte skin, can choose an index 30 cream.

But, in all cases, you should remember to reapply cream every two hours.

If you plan to go swimming, choose a water-resistant cream and apply it before you leave for the beach, just as you are getting dressed.

Once on the beach, remember to dry yourself off well before going out in the sun because water droplets promote sunburn by reducing the effectiveness of sunscreens.

3- Optimize your tanning with food supplements

Another tip to know about perfecting your tan during the summer is to prepare your skin for the sun with your diet. Certain nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are known to be tan boosters.

So, to prepare your skin for a pretty golden hue, don't hesitate to make a cure of seasonal products like red bell pepper, tomato, Melon or apricot!

A special tanning food supplement taken before and during your vacation in the sun can also help you get a safer, longer lasting tan.

These capsules usually enriched with beta-carotene and other antioxidants stimulate melanin production while fighting free radicals responsible for skin aging.

4- Moisturize and exfoliate your skin

Contrary to what we sometimes imagine, exfoliating the skin does not erase the tanned complexion. On the contrary, it removes dead cells from the epidermis and makes the complexion more radiant.

It is therefore a good reflex to adopt once a week, before exposure to the sun and throughout the vacation period, to perfect your tan during the summer.

During this treatment, massage your body and face with gentle gestures so as not to make your skin redden. After using an exfoliating treatment, don't forget to moisturize your skin.

The hydration of the skin is essential to prepare it for exposure to the sun but also to prolong its pretty caramel color until school starts. Preferably choose a moisturizer enriched with vitamin E, a vitamin that acts against free radicals and helps soothe the skin after sunbathing sessions.

Make it a habit to moisturize your face and body to prevent your skin from peeling and losing its beautiful color. Apply your moisturizer to your body after showering and a moisturizer to your face twice a day, morning and night.

5- Prolong your tan with the right care

The last of the 5 tips you need to know to perfect your tan during the summer is to use skin extenders.

As the name suggests, these Cosmetics are specially designed to prolong your pretty tanned complexion. Rich in moisturizing active ingredients, they can be used on the face and body.

On the face, you can also use makeup such as a compact powder to even out your skin tone and blur any demarcations.

On the body, self-tanners will ensure an even tan and a natural, luminous result.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pxhere
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