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The Eiffel Tower: presentation and history

e entered the École centrale des arts et manufactures in Paris and graduated as a chemical engineer in 1855. In 1856, Eiffel met Charles Nepveu, a steel construction contractor. He demonstrated his engineering skills by building the Bordeaux railway bridge in 1858. He was also responsible for ...


Lemon Festival in Menton: behind the scenes

sful without a perfect synchronization of the different stages. After the drawings have been validated and the models adopted, the realization of the steel structures can begin. The first difficulty is to manage to make steel structures that are both solid, to support the weight of the fruit (3 to ...


The Sainte-Baume Velorail: a ride in the heart of Provence

What is a velorail? Have you ever ridden a vélorail? This funny steel contraption, equipped with bicycle saddles and seats moves forward on the rails of an old the strength of your calves! More user-friendly than a bicycle, it can accommodate up to 5 passengers and offers an origi ...


The main installations to entrust to a professional plumber

The installation of a water meter The very first installation of the plumber Brussels is the installation of the water meter. This is usually done by your water company or a technician from the water distributor who works with the local council. But in any case, be aware that this service provide ...


Aqua Mater: an exhibition by Sebastião Salgado at La Défense

as', the large communal houses of the indigenous Amazonian tribes. Copyright: Contemplation Fund In this neighborhood of all concrete, glass and steel, this pavilion stands out for these natural materials. It was indeed built in 'guadua', a giant bamboo coming from the Amazon, the wettest ...


The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: a masterpiece in the making

e crypt of the famous basilica. His life's work has also become his tomb. Since December 8, 2021, a luminous star with a diameter of 7.5 m, made of steel and glass, has come to top the highest tower of the Sagrada Familia. This 12-pointed star, which shines at 138 m high, illuminates the sky of B ...


Superman and Lois on TF1: the good surprise of the summer

tantial budget, so it is visually very successful. It should also be noted that the modern special effects (finally) honor the exploits of the man of steel. Superman, a man of today? Superman and Lois' (almost normal) family life is turned upside down when Clark is fired from the Daily Planet an ...


Acapulco armchair: 5 good reasons to follow this decorating trend

modern and exotic touch to your decor! This chair, which features a Mayan hammock weaving technique, seduces with its vibrant colors. On its epoxy steel structure, you can indeed weave all kinds of PVC plastic ropes. While its graphic black version fits well in all interiors, even the most mod ...