Superman And Lois On Tf1: The Good Surprise Of The Summer

Notice to fans of the most famous superhero! TF1 is giving Superman fans a gift by broadcasting the new free-to-air series Superman and Lois from July 12. We explain why this new series is the good surprise of the summer.

Lois and Clark married and related

Since the appearance of these characters in Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster's comic books in the early 1930s, the adventures of Superman and Lois Lane have been adapted countless times.

And yet, none of the dramas about them had ever focused on their family life after their marriage. This is now done with the Superman and Lois series, which was the pleasant surprise of 2021.

At the beginning of Superman and Lois Season 1, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are married and had twins named Jordan and Jonathan. But the latter know nothing about their father's powers.

All those who loved the Lois and Clark series with Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain will be delighted to see these two characters, now married and parents. But this new version of their adventures will surprise longtime fans by placing this couple in situations never before seen, both on screen and in the comics.

Thanks to their new role as parents, the season one storylines offer some touching moments that are unusual in Superman's adventures. In the second episode of the season, for example, Clark will help his son Jordan understand and master the powers he has inherited...

A polished realization

Unlike the usual episode length in American series, the pilot of this new series enjoys an exceptional length of 60 minutes.

This allows for a more detailed introduction to Superman's new life and hints that the Superman and Lois series will be different from other TV adaptations... in a good way.

This production, by the way, has benefited from careful direction and a substantial budget, so it is visually very successful. It should also be noted that the modern special effects (finally) honor the exploits of the man of steel.

Superman, a man of today?

Superman and Lois' (almost normal) family life is turned upside down when Clark is fired from the Daily Planet and learns that his mother has died.

The day after the funeral in Smallville, his sons Jordan and Jonathan discover a spaceship in the barn of the family farm, which of course leads their parents to reveal the truth.

In this new adaptation, Lois and Clark's adventures are now more grounded in reality and take on a darker tone.

It was not easy to transpose the myth of the Man of Steel to our time, but in this series, the gap between this somewhat naive superhero and the contemporary world served as fertile ground for the writers to imagine new and original adventures.

You will thus see your favorite superhero confronted with very real problems, such as the rural exodus that makes his hometown die a small death, the decline of the print media that makes him lose his job and of course the death that inexorably affects his adoptive parents.

The seemingly invincible hero encounters everyday difficulties, especially in raising his children. While the world still needs him, will he be able to be present enough for his sons? In this new family dynamic, the character of Lois is the link and the point of balance for the whole family.

After Clark is fired, the couple decides to move to Smallville to take over the family farm and live a simpler life, all while trying to answer a crucial question: do their twins Jordan and Jonathan Kent have superpowers like their father?

Endearing characters

The mythical couple Lois and Clark is played by Tyler Hoechlin and Elisabeth Tulloch, a wise choice as these actors are not unlike Christopher Reeves and Margot Kidder, the main performers of the cult films of the 1980s.

Four years after his first incarnation of Superman in the series Supergirl, actor Tyler Hoechlin returns in a TV series in which he is this time the hero. Original fact, he must share the star with his wife and his two sons.

Jordan and Jonathan are two brothers that everything opposes and who each represent a challenge for their parents. Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) is a successful athlete, while Jordan (Alexander Garfin) has social anxiety.

While this description seems cartoonish, Superman and Lois thankfully avoids this pitfall by painting a more nuanced picture of the two brothers.

A successful return to the small screen

Although family life is the central theme of the Superman and Lois series, the superhero's exploits are not forgotten. When Clark Kent is not meeting the needs of his family, he still wears the cape to help the people of his adopted planet.

Fans of the Man of Steel can rest assured: this fiction reserves nice action scenes and successful special effects as the previous Superman! This new series in free-to-air brings the proof, if it was needed, that this hero is not out of fashion.

The series, first offered on the Salto platform last spring, returns its letters of nobility to this superhero and the most intuitive of journalists. Do not miss their great return to television, tonight at 21h10 on TF1.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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