The Day After The Party: Beauty Tips For A Healthy Glow

After a night of drinking and sleeping in, skin is dull and eyes are puffy and/or dark circles. Here are a few beauty tips and makeup tricks to repair the damage of the day after a party.

How to clean your skin?

During a party or a New Year's Eve, alcohol, cigarette smoke and lack of sleep attack the skin. On a day after a party, your look will be even worse if you skipped the makeup removal step the night before.

To get back to a presentable look, start with a thorough makeup removal. Here's a beauty tip to optimize this essential ritual: apply your usual makeup remover with your finger and gently massage your face, then rinse first with lukewarm water and finally with cold water to stimulate microcirculation and toxin elimination.

You should then hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream or, if you have time, a hydrating mask and then a radiance-boosting serum.

How can I relax my eyes?

To repair the effects of lack of rest, consider putting your Eye Contour in the fridge the night before to take advantage of the decongesting effect of the cold. Once you've removed your makeup, apply your Eye Contour in small circular motions.

There are other Natural Beauty Tips to decongest puffy eyes on a day after a party. In particular, you can apply to your eyes:
- two Tea bags brewed and previously placed in the refrigerator
- Two cotton pads soaked in cornflower floral water
- two small cold spoons.

Note: If you want to use concealer to camouflage dark circles and reddened eyelids, mix it with your Eye Contour Care before applying it on and under the eyelid. The result will be more natural.

How to apply makeup?

A day after a party, your skin is tired and saturated with toxins. That's why it's best to limit the number of products you'll apply to it.

If you must go out, however, here are some makeup tips to look less tired:
- use the least amount of coverage foundation possible (a Bb cream or Cc cream will do)
- be satisfied with a little pink blush on the cheeks, this color gives a good look
- on the eyes, limit yourself to neutral tones and a little light blush on the inner corner of the eye
- divert the attention to your mouth by applying a beautiful red that will give tone to your look.

Good to know

For those difficult Evenings there are also natural tricks to regain a Good look 'from the inside':
- in the morning when you wake up, drink warm water with a few drops of lemon juice
- for a few days, make a cure of special herbal tea Detox or Japanese green tea rich in antioxidants
- if you have been overeating, take ampoules made from Black Radish or artichoke to drain your liver
- give preference to foods rich in vitamin C: they restore tone but also radiance to the skin!

Author: Audrey
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