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Getaria in the Spanish Basque Country: 5 must-sees

1- The church of San Salvador In Getaria, it is the silhouette of Mount San Antón that first catches the eye. This mountain is nicknamed "Ratón de Getaria" (the mouse of Getaria) because of its shape. Another must-see landmark is Church of San Salvador (Salbatore Parroki Eliza), which stands i ...


The Odyssey: summary and mythological episodes

turn home. The Odyssey tells in particular: - the episode of the Lotophages and the fight against the cyclops Polyphemus, to whom Odysseus pokes his eye out after having intoxicated him (Song IX) - a passage to the cannibalistic Lestrygons and to the magician Circé who turns her crew into pigs ...


Beauty: how are cosmetics tested?

of human skin are used and ingredients and cosmetics are applied to them to measure their effects. Synthetic corneas may also be used to test for eye irritation and product effects on the eyes. Before a product is marketed, brands may also conduct volunteer testing. This allows the product to ...


Mini spider pizzas: an easy recipe for Halloween

ch mini pizza and sprinkle with dried oregano. Cooking 1- Preheat your oven to 200°C. 2- Bake the mini pizzas for 12 to 15 minutes, keeping an eye on the colour of the dough. Copyright: Audrey Vautherot 3- You can serve these mini spider pizzas hot, warm or cold. Greediness and a ...


Khôl: an exhibition at the Musée International de la Parfumerie in Grasse

ldren. In ancient times, this product, made from galena, i.e. lead sulfide, was also used for therapeutic purposes. The lead in kohl was used to treat eye infections. By darkening the edges of the eyelids, it helped to reduce refractions of light from the sun. Even if this product had a certai ...


James Webb Telescope: 5 things to know about this space telescope

of 14 countries, but above all it could soon revolutionize our knowledge of astronomy. This telescope, which weighs 6.2 tons, will be like a giant eye open to the universe. 3- Its vision is 100 times more precise than Hubble's NASA has high hopes for the James Webb Space Telescope because it ...


Health check-up: what are the medical appointments to plan?

corrective lenses, schedule an annual visit to the ophthalmologist. This appointment will check that your vision has not changed and monitor your eye health by performing tests such as a fundus. If you have many moles, also schedule a visit to the dermatologist. Because moles are a risk fa ...


Myopia epidemic: 5 prevention tips

ght. Indeed, natural sunlight acts on our brain and boosts the secretion of serotonin. Now, this neurotransmitter slows down the elongation of the eye and has a preventive effect on the evolution of this visual disorder. In practice, exposing yourself for 2 hours a day to outdoor light divides ...


Erik Johansson : a photographer master of illusion

h) Even when dealing with serious issues, the artist's approach is not devoid of humor and naivety, so much so that he seems to take a child's eye view of the world. In his compositions, he does not completely deny reality but twists and metamorphoses it in the service of an idea or a stor ...


Pop Air: a playful and colorful exhibition at La Villette

es you to a never-before-seen journey into the world of inflatable art. The monumental works, each more inflated than the last, are offered to the eye from the entrance of the Great Hall, which for the occasion takes on the appearance of Wonderland. The inflatable structures impress by their d ...


The stars of Saint Vincent: 5 things to know about these exceptional jewels

to climb to the top of this hill, to the Mathurins monastery, to observe the sky. But other stars that dotted the ground did not escape his scholarly eye. These fossilized remains of animals that populated the seabed in Digne 180 million years ago later inspired the jewelry called stars of Saint ...