Cosmetic Allergy To The Face Or Eyes: What To Do?

Most beauty products contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, such as fragrances and preservatives. In sensitive people, these allergenic components can trigger very unpleasant skin or eye reactions. We explain how to relieve a cosmetic allergy on the face or eyes.

What are the symptoms of allergy?

After applying a beauty product to the skin or eyelids, one may experience a cosmetic allergy.

On the skin, this allergy usually manifests as hives, with symptoms similar to those of a nettle burn:
- a burning or itching sensation
- The appearance of redness sometimes accompanied by blisters (small blisters).

When the allergen is found in an eye makeup product such as mascara, it can cause the eyelids to swell and lead to conjunctivitis, the symptoms of which are stinging, tearing and redness of the eyes. The eyes become red and burning or itchy.

How to relieve a skin reaction?

If you have a cosmetic allergy to the face, the first thing you should do is rinse the face, ideally with thermal water.

If you have had an allergy on another part of the body (for example, from a hand cream or body lotion), you can rinse the area with tap water.

On the face, however, avoid anything that might irritate your skin:
- tap water, which can be hard
- rubbing a cotton pad
- the application of other beauty products
- exposure to the sun

To soothe the fire of hives on the face or body, you can also spray German chamomile floral water, a plant known to calm allergic reactions on the skin and relieve itching.

On the area of the rash, apply only soothing creams that you have used before. This is not the time to try a new product. Go for the most neutral and gentle creams possible, especially thermal water-based creams like La Roche-Posay, Uriage or Avène.

While your skin is recovering from the allergic reaction, avoid using perfume or makeup and protect your skin from the sun.

If the rash is very extensive on your body, consult a physician for a cortisone cream and an antihistamine.

How to relieve an eye reaction?

If you have a cosmetic allergy to the eyes, rinse your eyelids with thermal water.

If your eyes burn or stick, clean your eyes with saline or a neutral artificial tear eye drop.

To help your eyelids deflate, you can also apply cold compresses of thermal water or cornflower floral water with eye-soothing properties.

Taking an oral antihistamine medication can also help relieve the overall symptoms.

During the recovery period, do not wear makeup or contact lenses! You will not be able to put your contact lenses back in until you are fully recovered.

How to avoid allergic reactions?

When you have a reaction to a beauty product, it is important to identify the ingredient causing the cosmetic allergy to avoid it in the future.

When shopping in the future, be sure to check the INCI ingredient list and choose hypoallergenic products without preservatives or fragrances.

Author: Audrey
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