Beauty: 3 Massages To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Treatments

The effectiveness of a facial or body treatment depends not only on its composition but also on the application technique. It's no coincidence that high-end spas have developed beauty rituals with precise gestures. If you too want to enhance the effects of your creams on the skin, here are 3 massages to boost the efficacy of treatments.

An anti-aging massage for proper application of a facial cream.

On both the face and body, massages enhance the effectiveness of cosmetic treatments. The application techniques complement the action of active ingredients by engaging the tissues and stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation at the epidermal level.

On the face, gentle movements are recommended to facilitate the penetration of active substances while relaxing the features. Whether you want to apply your day cream or night cream, the procedure is the same. Start by placing a small dab of product on each cheek, on the forehead, on the chin, and on the neck.

Perform the actual massage by smoothing with the palm of your hands from the base of your neck towards your lower jaw. On the cheeks, make circular movements with your fingertips pressed together to activate blood circulation. On the forehead, again use the palms of your hands for smoothing movements.

Finish this facial massage with a soothing gesture: place your hands on your forehead, fingers meeting in the center, between the eyebrows, and then slowly spread them apart as if opening a gate.

A draining massage to properly apply an eye contour treatment.

Even though the eye contour is a particularly delicate area of the face, massages are beneficial for stimulating lymphatic drainage and preventing swelling around the eyelids. Simple actions can enhance the effectiveness of eye contour care by draining bags and smoothing out crow's feet. To refresh your gaze, you can massage the lower eyelid starting from the inner corner of the eye towards the outside and then up towards the temple. Around the eye, it is more effective to perform gentle taps rather than simple strokes.

There is also a draining point that you can stimulate with your fingertips. This point is located under the eye, vertically aligned with the iris, at the bony part of the orbit. Once you find it, simply massage this point with your index finger in a clockwise direction. This simple action helps to boost blood and lymphatic circulation, thus reducing unsightly dark circles under the eyes.

A firming massage to apply a moisturizing or firming cream.

If you're in the habit of using moisturizing or firming body care, well done! It's a beauty ritual that many women unfortunately skip. But do you know the right techniques to enhance the effectiveness of these products?

On the body, the golden rule is to always apply creams with upward movements. You should move from the ankles up to the waist on the legs, from the wrists to the shoulders on the arms, and from above the breasts to the neck on the décolleté.

The only exception to this rule is when massaging the stomach: in this particular area, it's recommended to perform circular movements around the navel, clockwise, to facilitate intestinal transit. The most dedicated can also practice the pinch-and-roll technique on the stomach and thighs to enhance the effectiveness of a slimming cream by breaking down fat clusters trapped in the skin fibers.

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