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Foot self-massage: an easy routine

your right foot. 5- Toe mobilization After massaging the top and bottom of your feet, you will now take care of your toes. Using the thumb and index finger of both hands, grasp the first two toes of your left foot and spread them apart. Spread the thumb from the index finger, then the index finger ...


Osteoarthritis of the hands: what to do?

Relieve pain with heat or cold When you have arthritis in your hands, fingers and/or wrists, you sometimes wonder what the best trick is to relieve stiffness and pain. If you're unsure whether to apply heat or cold to your aching hands, know that both have beneficial effects. Applying heat, usin ...


Beauty care: what is a facialist?

hy facialists practice deep muscle massage, much more dynamic than the usual facial treatments performed in spas. Facialists, estheticians with magic fingers. Facialists or facialists are trained beauticians who have specialized in facial care and various facial massage techniques. To bring radianc ...


The day after the party: beauty tips for a healthy glow

sentable look, start with a thorough makeup removal. Here's a beauty tip to optimize this essential ritual: apply your usual makeup remover with your finger and gently massage your face, then rinse first with lukewarm water and finally with cold water to stimulate microcirculation and toxin eliminat ...


Unusual: 3 small animals that heal

s use leeches to optimize graft take. These funny little beasts are very effective in facilitating blood flow after reimplantation of an amputated finger or vascularized skin flap. In about 15% of the grafts, the blood return is difficult. The grafted tissue is clogged with blood and risks nec ...


Health: 5 benefits of handwriting

hat taking handwritten notes anchors learning in the brain better than taking notes on a computer. Indeed, when typing on a keyboard, the gaze and finger movements are dissociated because the eyes are mostly riveted on the screen. On paper, the senses of sight and touch work together. This is ...


Plumbing: the 5 most common problems and their solutions

d or rust, darkened surfaces on the walls or even drips and puddles on the floor. To easily locate the source of the leak, you can simply run your finger along the pipe to look for signs of moisture. Water leaks sometimes go unnoticed, but they increase your bill and can insidiously damage the ...


Travelling Solo: our recommendations for safe travel

l your data, your accounts or your life both private and professional. We even recommend wearing your wedding ring around your neck rather than on your finger to avoid having it stolen. Finally if you share your night in hostels or transport think about hiding your money and valuables. Caution is th ...


Beauty: 3 Massages to Enhance the Effectiveness of Treatments

massage by smoothing with the palm of your hands from the base of your neck towards your lower jaw. On the cheeks, make circular movements with your fingertips pressed together to activate blood circulation. On the forehead, again use the palms of your hands for smoothing movements. Finish this fa ...


Oral Hygiene: 5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Teeth

sensitivity can alleviate their symptoms by choosing a specific toothpaste. The trick for optimal relief is to put a little bit of the paste on your finger and massage the sensitive areas. 3- Take care of your diet. Taking care of your diet is another way to look after your teeth. Everyone knows th ...