Beauty Care: What Is A Facialist?

More natural than plastic surgery, facialism is the new trendy method to maintain the youthfulness and suppleness of one's skin, without injections or scalpels. We offer you to discover the beauty secrets of facialists to restore youthfulness and radiance to the face.

Facialism, an anti-aging method made in the USA.

If you've never heard of facialism, know that it's a beauty method based on facial massage, to be done yourself or offered in a spa to benefit from the expertise of a facialist esthetician.

According to the proponents of this method, our face has about fifty muscles that can be maintained to preserve skin tone and facial contour. This very trendy method in the United States and Great Britain is based on the same principles as facial gym (although it involves deep massages rather than movements to perform).

With age, the skin and muscles lose their tone and the face becomes hollow, which accentuates wrinkles. That's why facialists practice deep muscle massage, much more dynamic than the usual facial treatments performed in spas.

Facialists, estheticians with magic fingers.

Facialists or facialists are trained beauticians who have specialized in facial care and various facial massage techniques.

To bring radiance to the skin and redefine facial features, these experienced masseuses combine different techniques, such as draining massage, acupressure point stimulation, and Japanese massages.

This method is starting to develop in France and more than 500 beauticians have been trained at the Facialist Academy. To find an expert in this field, I recommend consulting the directory of facialists in France (link below).

A personalized facial treatment.

Each skincare session begins with a personalized morphofacial diagnosis because the facialist adapts the massage according to the shape of the face, its expressions and movements.

The massage itself lasts about 45 minutes, with a visible result on the beauty of the skin and an immediate radiance effect. This visible plumping effect at the end of the session lasts between 24 hours and one week depending on the person.

At the end of the treatment, the facialist teaches you the right gestures to practice at home and to integrate into your beauty routine to continue training your facial muscles every day.

Facialist tips to practice daily.

To be effective, facial massage in the style of facialists must be daily. You should integrate it into your morning or evening beauty routine in the same way as brushing your teeth or hair.

Before practicing this deep muscle massage, start by applying a few drops of vegetable oil to the tips of your fingers. Do not use face cream (it would be too quickly absorbed) and do not put too much oil on your fingers so as not to slip.

To reduce puffiness in the eyes in the morning, apply your usual eye contour treatment and then use a natural stone roll-on such as jade or amethyst to lightly massage from the inside to the outside of the eye. Finish by gently tapping your dark circles with the tip of your index finger.

To reshape the oval of the face, the trick is to pinch the skin between the thumb and index finger of both hands. Start from the chin and go up both sides along your lower jaw, up to the angle of the jaw.

To reduce the frown line, grab the skin between your two eyebrows between your index and thumb and pull the muscle forward. It hurts a little but it is a very effective gesture to relax the muscle that contracts between the two eyebrows and that digs the famous frown line!

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