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Gym session at the beach: 5 easy exercises

1- Tone your legs To start this beach gym session, we suggest you take advantage of the sea water to tone your legs and boost your blood circulation with an easy first exercise. Get into the water, waist-deep if possible, and walk along the beach for at least 15 minutes to activate venous return ...


The Zen Body: a gentle gym accessible to all

A concentrate of soft gymnastics A discipline created by the French Federation of Physical Education and Voluntary Gymnastics in 2014, Body Zen is inspired by calisthenics and other gentle gyms like Pilates and Feldenkrais. This gym borrows movements from no less than 6 different methods includi ...


Online or in person, enjoy the benefits of dance classes

ctivity each day. When you have a sedentary job and don't bike or walk, it can seem difficult to meet that daily quota. If you are allergic to the gym or to chlorine in swimming pools, you probably feel guilty at the idea of not doing enough physical activity during the week... But have you co ...


6 ideas to boost your purchasing power immediately

ffers, since the portability of your number and all the administrative will be managed by your new operator. Finally don't forget that if you have a gym membership, it might be time to check that you go there regularly enough to make it worthwhile. If you haven't been there in 3 months, you may be ...


The Victoria Palazzo in Nice: a luxury senior residence

ictoria Palazzo in Nice is to offer a very large number of activities and services included or tailor-made, including: => a concierge service => gentle gymnastics classes => the organisation of cultural outings => the possibility of administrative assistance => the possibility of receiving he ...


Rollerblading: the great return of roller skates

feet. As evidence of the renewed popularity of the sport, some of these videos have been viewed several million times. A new discipline in the gym Surfing on the roller quad trend, some gyms offer their subscribers to train with roller skates on their feet. The discipline, which is practic ...


Seniors: what does the government's anti-fall plan include?

s much as possible and at their own pace to engage in physical activity such as going out to run errands on foot or by bus, joining a hiking or gentle gym club, and getting out of the house to see friends. To encourage seniors to maintain or resume physical activity, the government's anti-fall pl ...


Back-to-school blues: 5 anti-depression tips

l as a fresh start to take care of yourself and your lifestyle. This time of year when everything starts over is the perfect opportunity to join a gym. Physical activity is excellent for your health and your morale, provided of course that you choose an activity that you enjoy and motivates you. ...


Hobbies: why garden?

ecognized as a physical activity beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Gardening lowers blood pressure and releases more endorphins than a simple gym session. This probably explains why we love gardening and is an excellent reason to start! ...