Back-to-school Blues: 5 Anti-depression Tips

Summer vacation is over. For many of us, going back to work or school is accompanied by a little bit of a blues. To avoid letting stress and routine get the better of you, here are 5 anti-depression tips to help you overcome the back-to-school blues.

1- Getting back to work smoothly

After one or more weeks of rest and relaxation, it is quite normal that the return to the daily routine and to work is accompanied by a little temporary depression. In order to prevent the back-to-school blues from settling in for good with its slew of stresses and minor ailments, you need to approach the return to work gently.

For adults as well as for school children, the start of the school year is a period of transition. A phase of adaptation and adjustment is therefore necessary before being able to resume one's habits and daily work rhythm.

The first of our 5 anti-depression tips is to not put too much pressure on yourself during the first week back. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the amount of work that awaits you when you return.

Put things in perspective and set realistic goals to get back into it and move forward little by little. In other words, give yourself time to get used to the world of work again.

2- Establish priorities

In companies, the beginning of the school year is often a period of excitement, with the resumption of files, projects and meetings. This change of pace is sometimes difficult to cope with after the calm of the vacations.

The right strategy to avoid being overwhelmed by stress is to prioritize your schedule. Since you can't catch up on everything in a day or even a week, the second of our 5 anti-depression tips is to sort out what's urgent or important and what's less so, if at all.

To help you see things more clearly and prioritize, make a list of the tasks you need to accomplish starting with the most urgent. Then set a deadline for yourself to complete these different tasks, within the day, week or month.

And of course, for this good organization to work, don't put off your tasks overnight! Procrastination only increases stress and guilt and makes the things to be done even more urgent...

3- Give yourself breaks and small pleasures

To ensure that returning to work doesn't come with seasonal depression, you need to set aside time in your schedule for activities that make you happy. The third of our 5 anti-depression tips is to treat yourself to little pleasures to extend the benefits of the vacations into the off-season.

For example, you can treat yourself to a shopping spree to update your fall wardrobe or make an appointment with your hairdresser to refresh your haircut and get back to work in style.

Also take advantage of the sunny days of September to take your lunch break outside, organize picnics and family outings on the weekends or walk or bike to work...

Take every opportunity to spend time outdoors, as exposure to sunlight is proven to help fight seasonal depression and overcome the back-to-school blues.

4- Start the new school year on the right foot

If the vacations allowed you to recuperate and get back in shape, don't let the return to work ruin that positive momentum! Another anti-depression tip is to approach back-to-school as a fresh start to take care of yourself and your lifestyle.

This time of year when everything starts over is the perfect opportunity to join a gym. Physical activity is excellent for your health and your morale, provided of course that you choose an activity that you enjoy and motivates you. Practicing a sport or hobby like painting, music or pottery is also a great way to decompress after work.

If you felt like you eat better during the vacations because you had more time to shop and cook, persevere with that even after you return to work.

Eating a balanced diet is a great way to Feed your brain so you can feel healthier and happier. Stress and back-to-school blues can also be treated with food. Take the time to prepare a good breakfast before you leave for work and a good dinner to comfort you after a day of work.

5- Dreaming of new projects

If the back-to-school blues resist the above tips, another surefire remedy to mourn your vacation is to plan the next one!

Even if your next vacation isn't coming up anytime soon, nothing is stopping you from thinking about a new travel project. Dreaming about the next vacation is already a way to get away.

You can either think far ahead and look for a destination for next summer, or plan small getaways for upcoming weekends and bridges.

Besides, travel plans aren't the only things that can motivate you. Any personal project that is close to your heart is beneficial to overcome the seasonal blues.

Back to school is a time for new activities, so why not sign up for a Pilates or boxing class, visit local exhibits, brush up on your English or discover the latest books?

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Kampus Production on Pexels
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