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Cutting Hair with the Moon: The Lunar Calendar 2024

n in the sky, are believed to have an influence on hair. If you want to cut your hair with the Moon, the best way to schedule your appointment at the hairdresser at the right time is to consult a lunar calendar where all this information is indicated (see the last paragraph). How to have longer hair ...


Fine Hair: 5 Tips to Add Volume

from overly aggressive coloring techniques. Regularly trim the ends to lighten the overall look. Individuals with fine hair should regularly visit a hairdresser to refresh their haircut. This is the second tip for adding volume to the hair. Contrary to popular belief, it's not beneficial to let yo ...


Back-to-school blues: 5 anti-depression tips

cations into the off-season. For example, you can treat yourself to a shopping spree to update your fall wardrobe or make an appointment with your hairdresser to refresh your haircut and get back to work in style. Also take advantage of the sunny days of September to take your lunch break outs ...


Face, nails and hair: what beauty routine for fall?

rm, highlights, bleaching, straightener). If your ends are too dry and split or if your hair lacks vitality, start by making an appointment at the hairdresser for a good cut that will allow you to face the autumn months serenely. The fall beauty routine for hair should be simple and restorativ ...


Spa, hairdresser, aesthetics: Ecocert launches a Sustainable Wellness Establishment label.

es already undertaken by wellness professionals - Encourage new establishments to commit to sustainable wellness. To be eligible for this certification, spas, hairdressers, and other aesthetic establishments must implement actions focused on three main areas: 1- Reduce their environmental footprin ...


At the end, it's the sea: the river documentary series returns on France 5.

inal adventures, you can hit the road naked with Nans and Mouts in Nus et culottés or embark on a journey with hairdressing equipment while following a traveling hairdresser in Ambre coiffure, le salon voyageur! Despite their differences, all these programs have in common to show another idea of t ...


How to protect your garden from wild boars?

ans, two other free tricks are: - scattering human hair around your property. This is a natural repellent that you can easily and freely obtain from your hairdresser! - mixing urine with a little water and pouring this mixture into containers such as tin cans that you will scatter around your garden ...